You are Not Blessed. Just Lucky.

You are not blessed. And God does not favour you.

There is a long list of people in this world that are more faithful, more devout, and less sinful than you, and far more in need of and deserving of God’s blessing than you, yet their daily lives are full of shit, pain, and unending horror.

Some of them live short, brutish, painful lives from beginning to end and yet manage to cling to their faith in God and devotion to Christianity.
Yet noone rescues them from poverty, pain, assault, etc.
There is no financial miracle for them, no year is their year of financial breakthrough.

They will never get to post selfies on Instagram of the ginormous house God has “blessed” them with, the fantastic job God has “blessed” them with, the amazing boo God has “blessed” them with who never forgets to impress on Valentine’s day.

Just imagine somebody whose Mummy and Daddy have paid their way all their life, and who eventually hooks up with another pampered private school luxurious life baby, and together they start posting pictures on Instagram about all their “blessings”, and maybe use an Instagram automation tool to get more followers to see their content, telling anyone who will listen that they are “too blessed to be stressed”, “too protected to be a victim”, “blessed and highly favoured” . I cannot help but wonder if these people are mad.

Stop saying you are blessed and highly favoured by God, because you are clearly not, and all it does is expose you for the self absorbed, conceited idiot that you are.

Because you honestly must be an idiot to think that a God whose primary modi operandi are love and compassion would jump over all those people desperately in need to bless your arrogant, selfish ass because clearly he favours you. ( For doing what exactly? Being his child? Join the club. The kids that were gunned down sleeping in their dormitories were also God’s children. The girls kidnapped from the same dorm by Boko Haram, and who are undoubtedly being violently raped as I type this, are also God’s children.)

It’s definitely not for being more prayerful or embodying more Christian or Muslim values, because all of you lie on a daily basis, some of you are just straight up bitchy, nasty uncharitable people, and the remaining half of you are unapologetic fornicators, so okay.

And you sure don’t deserve more blessings than this guy, or before him for that matter:


Dude cut down a MOUNTAIN.
Kedu his blessings?

Does God love you? Christian and Muslim teaching says yes. But does God love you more than the next person to the point where he will ignore that person’s lack of basic human necessities to survive to “bless” you with your sixth G Wagon so you can oppress people on Instagram with it?

I don’t know about that.

If all of you are the special snowflakes that the Divine has his eye particularly trained on, what does that make the defenseless, crushingly poor, and oppressed victims of this world? The ones that didn’t catch Divine Favour abi?

People are just trying to get lucky, and deep down inside they realize their luck could change at any moment in spite of all the meticulous deck stacking they have done. Luck is something that so many people go after, they wish to be lucky so they can get something they never have before, for instance, gambling at a casino, they play ‘lucky hands’ have ‘lucky rolls’, and use superstitious practices to hopefully get a win. The London Post delves into this and discusses if it really is luck or if we just change the odds ourselves. This also relates a lot to us in everyday life, is it luck? Or have we made luck?

Not that God does not bless or favour people, but half of the people that claim their success or fortune is due to blessings are so full of themselves, and so convinced of their own self-importance that they would rather believe that they were selected for some Divine Purpose than acknowledge that they are only a couple of steps away from the disaster of the next person’s life, and that the only divider between them is capricious, changeable Luck.

They comfort themselves by telling themselves that won’t happen because Dun! Dunn! DUNNNNNN!!!!!

…. GOD …

is personally looking out for them*

Yeah right.

God ain’t here to Valencia your life when you already done gone and got Photoshop.

God ain’t here for Instagrammers.

*and always conveniently to the exclusion of others whose suffering eclipses theirs

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  1. gold

    There’s so much bitterness dripping from your fingers (i assume you typed this)
    You know those selfies u talk about shouldn’t concern you.
    Mayb if you spent more time thinking up ways and applying it to help others, we wouldn’t have this post, we would have something like “Give donations for charity
    God is here for me because i am a human being he created, that he hasn’t made me in pain and in bad health, wouldn’t stop me from thinking im special and he is not here for me. I don’t have to survive a kidney transplant or chemo to know this. Being alive is one special thing, i will celebrate it… Yes via selfies!!
    i do hope all those suffering in the world have the grace to beleive that God is here for us all.. Whether you’re on instagram or not.

    • sugabelly

      There is so much bitterness dripping from your comment. Why does it pain you so much that I exercise my freedom of expression on my blog and write what I like? Too bad you can’t go about dictating what people can write and not write.

      Maybe if you spent less time righteously hand wringing over people’s opinions you would be less bitter.

  2. lawee

    Brilliant. Bunch of hypocrites. I love your article but I dont want your inclination for the truth to end on the internet. Let’s start a movement geared towards addressing these charlatans masquerading as religious people. Let us start a movement that encourages reason over religious sentiments. Cheers

  3. tsotso

    I am blessed, you are blessed, we are all blessed.
    Maybe not with things to flaunt on instagram, not with big houses but being alive is a blessing.

    I am not lucky to be alive, I am blessed to be alive.

    God created me, God created you, in His own image. God loves all his creation equally. God’s word the bible says so, and I believe it.

    As long as I am alive, I will do my best to share my blessings with others.

  4. Sir Farouk

    Proud fornicator and hedonist here .You are so on point. I couldnt have said it better, reminds me of something I wanted to write but procrastinated the hell out of. I have a problem when we have a whole set of people who just make it seem like success or wealth is just like a magic trick (How did you become so rich? Reply: “Na God”, well I daresay perhaps the same God should punish you for lying your ass off about sucking ppl’s poo for money)

  5. Kamza

    Lolz @ unapologetic fornicators.
    Does being an apologetic fornicator make any difference?
    I think every human being is naturally designed to feel special; either because of in-built talent or because of “divine protection”.
    Anybody who doesn’t feel special is either psychologically damaged or a victim of an unhealthy dose of reality.
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ “Kedu his blessings?” Chukwu gozie nwoke afu

  6. Mstizzle

    I guess we all have different relationships with God and different POVs. I read my bible and I see clearly that God looks out for some people and they acknowledge it. He said “Jacob I have loved, Esau I have hated” even before they were born. Feel free to question Him about that. He has delivered many people from accidents, He has healed many of diseases that doctors had said were incurable.
    Even when Jesus walked the earth, He didn’t heal EVERYBODY. He reached out to those who sought Him and those who moved him to compassion.
    You don’t know how much those selfies-takers and G-Wagon buyers sought Him. You don’t know what they went through. And for those with rich parents, at the end of the day it is God that “gives wealth and adds no sorrow to it.” It is God that “teaches our hands to make wealth”. It is God that permits ALL THINGS. So whether Christian, Moslem, atheist, agnostic God is all knowing and He permits every single thing. Job lost everything and got more than double of everything back. God was in the know through it all.

    There is something like divine favour and Yes, God looks out for certain people. I do not believe in luck or coincidences. I have no apologies for that. The footsteps of the righteous are ordered by The Lord. My righteousness is from God and of God. I am righteous. My footsteps are ordered by Him. I am not lucky. I am blessed.

    • Kiah

      I am a Christian too and I agree with most of what you said. and while the Jacob example is apt, are we saying that the people that don’t have as much as we do are not loved by God? Are we saying that He blesses some and chooses not to bless others? So if this our gospel, is this good news or bad news?

      we need to stop and think. Jesus died for ‘everyone’. That some peopel have it harder than others doesn’t mean they are any less special or that God doesn’t love them. We need to stop trying to understand and explain the ways of God. We will NEVER be able to.

      If God has blessed you, then be thankful but while you are being thankful, be careful not to rub it into the sore wounds of those suffering or their Creator will fight for them.

      Jesus died at 33. Does that make Him any less loved by the Father than those who lived to ripe old ages? We need to be careful while explaining away God’s ways or thoughts.

      Love, that is what is missing in all of these. Love.

  7. New Dawn

    I understand your anger and the angle you are coming from sugabelly.., …but there is a GOD.

    To sleep and wake up each day is a blessing and not the selfies in the media which is man-made definition of blessings since we live in a society where a person’s value is determined by his monetary worth.

    Somethings cannot easily be explained until one experience itself. Read this poem by ailola to understand what am trying to say: HIS ways and thoughts are not the same as ours, just as the sky is far from the earth, so are HIS ways and thoughts far from ours. We should not lean on our own understanding but simply put our trust in HIM.

    Why some die and some live?I truly dunno, because, we are not better then them…HIS grace is upon everyone, hence we should be thankful at all times for simply being alive, which is the greatest blessings of all.

  8. Joie

    I could kiss you for this post. I’ve been following you lately and I notice you have a chip on your shoulder- the right kind. Not to sound creepy but your no bullshit realism has a place and a purpose in todays world. Dont know if you know that already.

  9. Ify

    Some people work hard and and some work smart. Some are lucky,others not so much. I know it’s easy to feel hopeless in some situations (myself inclusive) but what was that man doing cutting down a mountain for 22 years?? In this day and age?? There are so many ways this could have worked: ask for help from his community, develop a better tool ( as I can guess he was using his hoe or mallet), etc. God gave us a mind that needs to be renewed and it’s our duty to link urself up somehow. I also believe that when u begin to question things in ur mind (like is there a way I can improve my mountain cutting?) surely some other ideas would’ve come up. I hold some of the same views but for this one case of mountain cutting, this is my opinion. The fact that something seems noble, does not make it right. I’m not blaming him, pls don’t get me wrong, he displayed a lot of selfless service.

  10. Johnson A.

    Luck may play a part in people’s fortunes, but (sorry to disagree with you Sugabelly) our own effort has more to do with it. Europe and the United states didn’t get where they are by luck. If people born into those countries today seem lucky, it’s only because someone in their past used brains and hard work on their behalf. If you look at individuals closely, a large number of them became fortunate through their own effort or the effort of their parents. Even individuals who are “lucky” enough to be born into rich families, eventually have to make their own luck. No matter how nwa-mummy or nwa-daddy a person is, their parents will not solve every single problem in their lives. They may pay for your way into Harvard, but you’ll have to read by yourself or cheat by yourself. They may arrange your marriage, but you will have to learn to live with the unfortunate girl. They may buy cars for you, but you’ll have to keep from getting drunk and killing yourself on the road….. And nwa-daddy’s father cannot follow him everywhere to do every single thing for him.

    God doesn’t have to get involved with every tiny detail of our lives. I think He has done too much for humanity already – by giving us that wonderful device called “the human brain”. Most of our misfortunes in Nigeria, individually and collectively, can be traced to our unwillingness to exercise the brains He so kindly gave us.

    • sugabelly

      Europe and the United States got where they are with PLENTY of luck, and PLENTY of exploitation of other people, not by the hard work of white people.

      Maybe you can say these two places got where they are through the FORCED hard work of enslaved and exploited non-white people, but the idea that there was no luck involved is simply not true.

      Do you realise that the United States may not have existed at all if it was not for the Native American Indians who taught the White colonists how to survive in America’s natural environment? An environment that was KILLING OFF all the White people that arrived there because the crops they brought with them from England refused to grow in American soil.

      They were DYING, and had they all died, there would be no USA today. But for the luck that some Native Americans took pity on the very people that came to kill them and steal their land, the fate of the entire United States was changed.

      Also, a LARGE proportion of the people in Harvard, Yale, and other Ivy League schools are Legacies. This means that their parents or grandparents, and other family members previously attended Harvard, etc and so they themselves now have an elevated chance of being accepted all other things held equal. Is that not luck to be born into a harvard legacy family?

      And I mentioned several times in the post that success is due to hard work and luck. I never said it was all just luck.

      I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of people who claim it was all due to God specially selecting them to succeed as if other people somehow are not as special to God as they are.

      • Johnson A.

        Yes Sugabelly, America and Europe became what they are with a lot of exploitation (nobody can deny that), but luck had too little to do with it. Consider these “unfair” events that shaped the success of the western world and tell me if the colonization of America and Africa were lucky incidents:
        1. Using crude tools and imported materials, Egypt painstakingly built ships as far back as 2560 BC, under Pharaohs like Khufu. The Chinese invented gunpowder around 900AD and the navigational compass around 1040 (using brains, not luck). These technologies were spread across Asia, Europe and the middle east by painful warfare of men like Gengis Khan (not luck). As unfair and annoying as they are, wars (not luck) improve technology used in colonization. For example, plastic technology grew up during WWII.
        2. Europe learnt these technologies (using their heads during conflicts) and improved them (not by luck, but by continuous effort of metal smiths and scientists), then built ships (again using their brains) and sailed (painstakingly) to America in the 1400s. I’m sure you’ve read about all the suffering Magellan and his crew endured to reach the Phillipines, and what Columbus and his crew suffered to reach north america.
        3. When Europe came to north america the FOUGHT with native americans, using the muskets and blankets infected with syphillis (intentionally, not by luck). Cortez and other Spaniards were not exactly welcomed with open arms when the went to the south.
        4. When Europe came to Africa, they met people using spears and knives (when the rest of the world had made the effort of travelling out to learn how to use gunpowder in cannons and guns). Naturally, Africans like Shaka Zulu and the Obas of benin were defeated (using inventions, not luck).
        5. Again down the line, Europe and America invented the steam engines (and trains), cars, the manufacturing line, electrical power stations, air planes, etc. Men like Henry Ford, Nicola Tesla, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Alfred Nobel, etc were not “lucky”. They were very hard working “WHITE” people who often suffered for their work. I know these men were not “lucky” because I have studied their individual efforts and personal histories – they had it rough, trust me.
        I can go on and on, but the truth about his world is that whoever is smart enough (not lucky enough) to produce the powerful invention first, wins. Yes it involves a lot of injustice and maltreatment along the line, and yes I wish it were not so, but it is what it is.

        As for ajebutter brats posting fancy pictures on instagram, please recognize that what they are enjoying is the TRANSFERRED HARDWORK or CUNNING (not luck) of somebody in their family tree. Someone always has to pay the price for success – nature does not dish out luck – ask the dinosaurs! Effort and sacrifice carries over across generations – it is not about luck. It only seems like luck to people who aren’t beneficiaries of received success. I’m guessing that if Sugabelly is Nigerian and living in the United States, someone up in Sugabelly’s family tree made some painful effort to make it possible sponsoring Sugabelly’s education at some point, or something else like that. Whether it was your great grandfather who broke even, or your father, someone had to make the painful effort that paved the way for you. And you had to make painful effort to maintain it. Not luck – effort. Your children will receive effort too, not luck.

        It is fun debating with you. Hope we can continue. If I said anything demeaning, I’m sorry – didn’t mean to – probably got carried away.

        • Johnson A.

          Forgot to add one thing: Like you, I don’t agree with people who think God specially selected them for success. If anything, I think He selected every human being by giving each person a brain, life, and the earth to live on. Whatever happens after that is by our own doing. It’s lazy to expect God to do our work for us.

          • Life

            No European discovered the Americas, and yes, Even Erik or whatever got there by accident, not “painstaking” hard work. The Pulitzer Prize winning ‘Germs, Guns and Steel’ is an admittance of the incredible luck Europeans had throughout the ages.

            And the Benin Empire did not fall because they “used bows and arrows” (they’ve been using dane guns and cannons since the 1500s), they fell for two simple reasons: Benin was already declining for more than 100 years, as was the rest of Southern Nigeria, and the arrival of the maxim gun was game changing and very devastating.

            This is what happens with a very one-sided look on history.

        • sugabelly

          Christopher Columbus set sail for INDIA, but he was a shit sailor and went in the wrong direction and ACCIDENTALLY ended up in America, a continent that nobody in Europe had know existed before – PURE, DUMB LUCK.

          • Johnson A.

            Columbus did not discover America. Do they still teach that political lie in American schools??? The vikings (like Lief Ericson, son of Erik the Red) and several other small parties of Europeans were there before him. They discovered America by effort, not by luck. Even Columbus would not have stumbled upon america if he had relaxed back home and done nothing, waiting for luck to happen.

            If we Nigerians continue to put hope in such things as Luck and Miracles, the country will continue being the way it is. Maybe we are lucky to have Oil in Nigeria, but all the luck in the world won’t help us from all the overpopulation, unemployment, poverty and pollution problems we will experience before the end of this century, if we don’t use our brains. A population of 174,000 living off one resource is anything but Lucky.

  11. Cherrywine

    I disagree…I am not lucky, I am blessed!!! If it were left to my luck, I would have been splattered by a high speed train.I am one of those people that prefixes statements with “Knowing my luck…” cos that’s how shite my luck is. We are all entitled to our POVs and religious beliefs and mine is that I AM BLESSED!!!!

  12. gabe

    That was lovely balm to d eyes. The blessed theory makes God so partial and so ready to stuff some people with excess material goods (maybe bcos they give a sleazy pastor a tenth of their salaries or disturb people @ nite with some midnite formula prayer) while letting others feed from dustbins-literally. So instead of posting ‘Papa God noni’ on facebook after buying ur 5th jeep, use the money to help ur poor relatives. Or maybe u’ll tell me now ‘light has no business with darkness?’

  13. moi

    Iive and let live! How people choose to celebrate their lives is NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS! What have YOU done for your community, your country or the world so far???? If you are wallowing in poverty, sorry! That doesn’t mean the rest of the world should come and cry with you! We will pop bottles, buy cars and travel because WE ARE BLESSED! If it pains you (obviously does) #sorrynotsorry it aint our fault you’re butt hurt, got raped, come from a disfunctional home,have daddy issues and have internet and a blog where you can spew bullshit on the regular. Fuck POVs. You are BITTER and DAMAGED. I pity anyone and everyone who has to deal with you daily. Loose some weight, find something selfless to do and get professional help (last time I checked you were so increase it please). Later bitch.

    • sugabelly

      I pity anyone that has to deal with YOU daily because clearly they would have to lend you some of their brain power for you to function. Did you escape from the mental ward for retarded adults? Thought so. Go fuck yourself brain dead slut. It sure as fuck is not your money.

  14. Nma Nazzy Agada

    I don’t think I totally agree with you. Like +CHERRYWINE said, we r all entitled to blessings. A silver spoon doesn’t make you less eligible for God’s blessings. Not all poor men live lives worthy of God’s favor. Its all about the nature of the person. Good people deserve good stuff.

  15. Kiah

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    People forget this all the time. Everyone is God’s child. He made each one of us. Just because you don’t have ‘problems’ don’t mean He loves you more or you are better than anyone.

    I don’t know where this culture of comparing your life with everyone elses’ found its way to our world (i blame instagram, facebook..etc) but my goodness, it needs to just stop. Love dies everyday and no one takes any notice.

  16. ireloju

    What’s so fucking special about being alive? You all are still going to die anyway. Anytime between the next second and the next century every single one of us will die. There’s no lucky or blessed in being alive, its just a present state of existence which will soon change permanently. Ask for your beloved bible and quran heroes. They’re all fucking dead. Even the jesus some of you claim is alive has taken up permanent residence in you’re heaven where your dead christians are. Blessed or lucky, you will DIE.

  17. Chidinma

    Sugabelly you are depressed. I really want you to accept Jesus Christ as your personal saviour.

    Seriously, your ranting in no way sounds smart. I really feel pity for you whenever I come across your posts…and as you can see by the date on this one, it’s not often.

    Whether you like it or not. We will not stop giving GOD all the credit due to him. I owe Christ everything. Why don’t you get to know Him.

    • sugabelly

      Please shut the fuck up. Noone asked you to comment on my blog or read it. If you don’t like what I write you seriously do not have to come here and be a self righteous asshole.

      If you feel pity for me then maybe you should go and pray about it. The Bible says Judge not. And don’t be like the Pharisees who stand on the street corner proclaiming how righteous they are.

      Instead be humble.

      Do you think the comment you just left on my blog sounds humble? No it does not. You are so full of your own self righteousness that you felt compelled to come here and tell me that you pity me.

      Pity me as what? Saying you pity me implies you think you are in a better position than me.

      How do you even know you are going to heaven sef? Only God and Jesus Christ know those who are going to heaven not you and people are saved by the grace of God not their own acts of righeousness, so instead of coming to my blog unbidden to be a hypocritical Christian by lobbing veiled insults then patting yourself on the back for suggesting Christ to me, why don’t you go suck a fat one and play in traffic while you’re at it.

      Christians like you are the reason Nigeria is in the situation it is.

      Na una dey go church pass everybody yet na una get bad mouth pass.

      • Chidinma

        I’m not moved. I return every curse back to you and your household in Jesus name. Amen. Like I maintain, I pity you. You are a poster child for a “cry for attention”.
        In fact you are a flaming mess.

        I’ll remember you in prayer.

        May your tears reach heaven.

        • sugabelly

          Go suck a dick Chidinma. And jump in the lake too. God doesn’t like judgmental self righteous assholes like you.

          Don’t be surprised when you find yourself number one on the line for hell fire before everybody you are judging.

          And Jesus doesn’t help evil people facilitate curses so all that shit is going right back to you.


  18. Rotimi

    Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant post. I’m so happy to see someone who is in tandem with my opinion!! I’ve been called all sorts by friends and enemies alike… . Nigerians are so blinded by religion and their pastors that they refuse to critically assess life’s issues. After-all God wants you to that’s why he gave you a brain! Cheers.

  19. Bumight

    First of all, Sugabelly, I love you! And you’ve been adopted as my “computer friend” , lol.

    Anyways, back to your post: you’re right. A lot of people confuse being “blessed” with knowing God. Not so.
    A lot of people who are actually pleasing God are some of the poorest, trial ridden, struggling people, and most times when you earnestly desire God, He can tend to pepper you with a lot of these issues, because let’s face it, they tend to draw us closer to God and make us more intimate with Him (it’s usually a struggle to remember God when you’re popping Rose in your mansion).
    On the flip side, people who look like they are “blessed” by God: great boo, loads of cash, money cars are usually empty on the inside and are searching for something to satisfy their souls.
    Material blessings are not a sign of approval from God, contrary to what religious folks teach.

  20. Sonia

    After a long struggle to contain my rage, i’m going to comment here for the first time.

    Why are people so stupid and intolerant of contrary opinions? You’re not bound to agree or disagree so why do you crawl into someone’s blog to spew filth? Come on.

    Dear Chidinma, you’re a piece of work. The sheer condescension dripping from your comments is the reason i have no respect for roadside preachers. Bitches like you turn church associations to gossip centres .

    True Christians understand that Christianity is the embodiment of LOVE but you with your ”direct line to heaven” are a poster child for religious extremism.

    Why don’t YOU let Jesus in? He’ll do wonders for your tar filled soul.

  21. Sarah

    LMAO You said it. People who have been privileged all their lives start talking about “blessing”. But of course, people will come for you for asking them to think critically.

  22. Toolsman

    The day you quit trying to figure God (and His workings) out is the day you’ll understand. Till then, your efforts will be futile.

  23. Valerie

    I understand your sentiments however, I believe we are all blessed. I think your point may be that, just because a person has five cars and someone else is starving does not mean that God loves the rich person more. That is the concept of grace. Not because you are deserving but because God can do it and it neither removes nor adds to his greatness either way.
    I may be wrong but that is what I understood from the post.

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