See? This is Why I Date Asian Men

Who doesn’t want a boyfriend that’s sexy, fashionable, sensitive, and can do this as well?

If you’re a Beyonce fan, you won’t want to miss this. And this is coming from me, who generally dislikes Beyonce.

Chris baby, I’m coming to get you.

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        • sugabelly

          This boy is such a talented dancer, but instead of appreciating his talent you came here to hate on him because he doesn’t fit your narrow definition of what is masculine. Clap for yourself.

          • trae_z

            You should stop jumping to conclusions…making assumptions about me…it’s not cool…plus I’m too big to engage in cat fights or throw tantrums.

            The boy is talented…can dance! Fact! I give him full marks there and maximum respect.

            …but i still think it’s awkward. Define it anyway you want but don’t call me homophobic cos I’m actually a strong believer of to-each-his-own.

  1. Ubelievable

    This is why you date Asian men, this?

    I wish I could find the kindest way to say this because I have been your biggest fan for a long time. You need soul searching honey, Asian men do not date you, you stalk them, I strongly believe. The fact that you can boast this on your blog is alarming. From what you’ve written, the Asian men you’ve “dated” have not reciprocated your advances of love.

    • sugabelly

      Hey! I had no idea you were hiding in the bushes with me last time I was on an Asian man stalking stake-out! Next time don’t be shy, let me know beforehand and we can go stalk some poor hapless Asian guy together! Stalking is so much more fun with company.

      Also, soul searching is more appropriate for Oh-so-righteous High-Horse-Riding individuals like yourself that go about diagnosing people you have never met in real life nor whose lives you know anything about with “stalking” rather than “dating” based solely on a few blog posts and the strength of your apparently-omniscient belief.

      But yeah, you go on doing that. Let us all know (not just me) how it’s working out for you!

  2. nastynas

    Yh he’s JUST dancing, but with moves that are conventionally characteristic/typical of a lady. The moves r Beyoncés not ushers or mj ..

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