Let Meeee… Let Me Draw You!

Call this my Christmas promotion if you like, but I have some free time as far as art is concerned so commissions are open and I’m looking for victims subjects to draw!

What I’m going to be doing is strictly portraits like so below:

Toke Makinwa by Sugabelly Tonto Dike

Portraits usually cost $100 / ₦16,000, but for the whole of December, they’ll be cheaper by almost 50%.

If you want a digital portrait like the one I did of Toke Makinwa (on the left), it’s ₦8,000 / $50.

If you want a traditional portrait like the one I did of Tonto Dike (on the right), it’s ₦10,000 / $65 (because I have to physically mail your portrait to you using Fedex or UPS instead of just emailing your portrait file to you over the Internet).

So people, if you want to get your portrait done, hit me up!


I will do five (5) portraits a week.

Portraits are from the neck up only, and monochrome / black and white (see the examples)

You can tell me any special features you want on your portrait (e.g. if you want horns or vampire teeth, or a bowtie or a certain hairstyle – PROVIDE PICTURES where possible)

NO revisions ( these are half price remember)

Only one person per portrait ( Two people can’t be included in one portrait, each has to have a separate portrait)

For Traditional Portraits

Traditional portraits will be done on 11 x 14″ smooth bristol

I cannot frame your portrait for you.  If you want it framed you’ll have to get it framed by your local framing dude.


Every week, I will ship out all the traditional portraits that have been completed the week before.

I am not responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping.

(But I will threaten the hell out of Fedex and UPS to be careful, and of course, package your portrait as safely as possible)

To draw your portrait I need at least three clear pictures of your face in the angle you want, and a description of any details you might want added (e.g. glasses, earrings, etc) as well as any pictures


If you’re in Nigeria, payment is by bank (online transfer, direct deposit, whatever your prefer).

If you’re outside Nigeria, payment is by Paypal.

Send me an email at (or using the contact form on my blog) with the subject “PORTRAIT REQUEST” and I’ll reply with payment details.

I will start on portraits in order of payment, and provision of full details ( pictures, etc)

The first person to comment here requesting a portrait will get one for free! ^_^

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  1. niyie sonuga

    Would like to sort out a portrait for my wife whose birthday is in December.
    can you make it happen;)…..course you can, love your work
    let me know what i need to do and when(time frame)

    kind regards

    and… might have
    another two for you of my mum and dad,
    will let you know

    • sugabelly

      Woohoo Niyie!! You’re the first person to request a portrait so you’ve got one free! The other two, you’ll have to pay for though.

      The instructions are in the post so just go over them again and let me know.

    • sugabelly

      I can, but the rules of the sale are that each person’s portrait has to be done separately. Is that what you intended? Or did you mean all of you together? If you want all of you together, it will have to be a digital portrait that you can then have printed to whatever size you like and framed because I don’t have paper that big.

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