What is Happening to My Skin???

Before I even start on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to, can someone help me out here? It’s as if overnight my skin has changed from normal to whatever you can call this in the pictures below. I usually have a very simple skincare routine, city beauty invisicrepe body balm was something that was recommended to me for my skin in general, but nothing too intense or intricut for my facial skin. I’m now worried I will have to stop using the products I have used for years and take on a new skincare journey. Any help here guys?

My skin is going crazy. I’m really not sure what’s happening with it. Maybe it’s that I’m more stressed than usual? It seems to have just broken out suddenly. I can’t quite pinpoint when it happened either. One of my friends had a similar issue and she told me about this brand called beverly hills md which focuses on all of these skin-related issues. I’m still thinking if I should try it or not.

I used to have such gorgeous, smooth skin, and I’m distraught over this acne breakout from hell. Maybe I need to make use of some kind of private label skin care to get this back under control, but then I’ve never really suffered from this sort of thing before, so I’m unsure about which products will be best. I don’t want to irritate the acne by using products that I shouldn’t, so I’m hoping that some of my readers have suffered from this sort of thing before. Another friend of mine recently had a similar acne problem, so I was keen to hear her advice. She told me that she decided to go to VCI (Victorian Cosmetic Institute) for help with her acne issues. She said that they deal with these sorts of issues all the time, so they know what to do. Maybe I will look into that sort of thing. Perhaps a professional’s opinion would be beneficial.



skin issues

Any recommendations for face washes or skin products I can use?

Please help!!!

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  1. Pharm

    looks like an allergic reaction. When did it start? how long have you had this for? have you eaten/taken any new food or medication? any change in cosmetics or pillow case? Try taking an anti-allergy tablet e.g. loratidine.

    If its not an allery then stay hydrated (drink lots of water) and eat clean. Try a fragrance and preservative free facial wash and cream e.g. simple products.
    I hope this is helpful and it resolves. If it persisists please see a Dr.

  2. Lady Ngo

    If you were staying at all these different hotels and didn’t bring your own linens or soaps, you could be having an allergic reaction to the detergent one of them used or the soap/shampoo they provided. You should still go to a dermatologist if you can.

  3. Berry Dakara


    Carry your own pillowcase, and your face washes/lotions, IMMEDIATELY!

    And maybe cover your hair with a scarf.

    Other than that, maybe a dermatologist?


  4. Rosemary

    I think you’re reacting to something. However, I don’t think it’s an allergic reaction. There could be something toxic in the air. You need to air out your space and mind what you ingest.

    Then, do see a dermatologist but bear in mind you should take their recommendations with a ‘pinch of salt’. To know what’s really happening, they’ll need to so some tests and I simply don’t trust they’ll know what to test for.

    Also, don’t let them give you too many things to swallow, etc. What they’re likely to do when they’re not sure of the cause is over prescribe and treat you with suspicion.

    Finally Sugabelly, there will be spots when those bumps heal. When I had a similar problem, I used an aggressive antifungal (Nixoderm tin). I’m left withblack spots (lots of them) but bumps are gone.

    Sorry about your situation. Take care, get yourself a good concealer, and air out your space. Best wishes …

    • naija rookie

      Or the water in a new place.
      The good news is if it is an allergic reaction, it should go away once the irritant is gone or her skin adapts to it as long as it doesn’t get scabbed from scratching.

    • bumight

      I dont usually do blog rounds anymore and respond to comments, but I had to respond to this. so Sugabelly should take your suggestions but she should take that of the professionals “with a pinch of salt”.
      Thats the problem with people, you see something that looks like what you had before, and you go ahead and diagnose. The dermatologists have their suspicions also, but they do tests to be sure. yet, youre advising her not to let them do tests on her. I wont even go ahead and pick apart that comment!

  5. Sisi Yemmie

    Oh My! I can recommend a product that is fantastic! Its anti bacteria, anti inflammatory and anti fungal . Its called “FUNBACT-A”. Get it and let me know how things progress!

  6. naijabrit88

    The same thing happened to me a while ago. Did you use shower gel or cream that you haven’t used before recently? I recommend E45 (dermatological cream) and anti histemines which you can get from a chemist or pharmacy. You could also use Dettol antibacterial soap. You shouldn’t use perfumed products on your face. It will make it worse.

  7. egodujour

    Just go see a dermatologist. Take note of any new products you started using in the last couple of weeks: soap, lotion, linens. It isn’t something you’re eating or it would be all over your body (unless it is). Your skin is definitely “upset” about something you changed recently.

  8. Uche

    I definitely suggest seeing a dermatologist. It could be any measure of factors. But in the meantime, don’t use anything harsh on your face. Nothing that foams or that contains alcohol.

  9. AugustLady

    Hey hon, i can imagine how you feel, pimples are so annoying and in many cases uncurable but thankfully you can keep it under control. There are so many causes of pimples and the cause determines the cure in each case. However, changing hormones, food and environment are the biggest offenders. Here’s how to naturally control your pimple and clear your skin-you’ll see visible results by week 2.
    1. Cleanse your insides: Our skin often tells what’s going on inside our body. Detox your insides by drinking more water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, eat lots of fruits and veggies (if you have a blender, blend all the green vegetables you can find in market, pour warm water over the blend to extract the juice, you can make a big jar to last all week and drink twice daily)

    2. Wash your face gently: Dont be tempted to use harsh or medicated soaps on your face. They dry up your skin and cause you to break out more. Only use mild soap with no fragrance like black soap or use castor oil to clean your face. Make sure you wash your face morning and night. The oil in your face traps dust and dirts that sip into your skin, causing more break outs.

    3. Protect your skin: After washing your face, protect it with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial solutions. You can use product with 2% salicylic acid/benzoyl peroxide if you one or crush aspirin in water droplets, and rub the paste on your face. Better rub the juice from clean onion, garlic or ginger on your face. It will kill the bacteria that tries to penetrate your skin and also fade scars.

    4. Moisturize your skin. Most people who break out have oily skin (their skin produces too much oil called sebum which traps dirt and bacteria) So you’ll have to control this oil with natural oils that don’t clog pores and reduces the sebum like jojoba oil or shear butter. use just a little.

    5. Watch your Make up. Go make-up free for a while. wash your make up brushes frequently and ONLY USE OIL-FREE make up. on your face. Make up carries dirt and chemicals that irritate skin so minimal usage is recommended.

    6. Keep off sugar and salt for a while.

    These 6 steps should clear your face and keep it that way for years to come. Try it out and let us know what happens. I used to have very bad pimples too as in big big boil-looking pimples but not anymore. If you develop black spots, use lemon juice every night to get rid of it.

  10. MzT

    The exact same thing happened to me when I went to Nigeria to serve. When you press one, does white goo come out? If yes your pores are clogged. I went natural on face products, started washing my face with honey – google honey as a face wash, and moisturizes with a light oil (grapeseed/jojoba oil) and it got marginally better, but mine honestly didn’t totally fade till I left Nigeria.

    But I think if you stick with more natural products and do a scrub (sugar and honey) twice a week, you should see improvement.

  11. Kesh

    Just noticed something like this on my skin the past few days, and remembered this post. You never said how you treated this. Please do say, i’m beginning to freak out.

  12. MTN

    I had worse, unfortunately none of the cheap stuff worked for me. Eventually my dermatologist prescribed Sebamed clear face, its anti bacteria, its a lil expensive, but its worth every penny. It not only works marvelously, it continually stops the growth of any more acne. Try it already. There are more, but buy these three, preferably from pharmaceutical store. Sebamed clear face cleansing bar, Sebamed clearface Antibacterial Cleansing foam, and Sebamed Clear face Deep cleansing facial Toner. Good Luck.

  13. MyhairmybeautyNigeria.com

    This is late, but your pores were just congested. Steam your face and use tea tree oil as a toner. A 2% salicylic acid cleanser will help.

    Never buy Funbact a it is a steroid!
    A dermatologist will prescribe antibiotics (not necessary)
    Sebamed is alright, clean and clear is good, so is neutrogena.

  14. sadeeq

    Please am actually having same problem mine is dark spot every where it sucks and people keep asking me what is wrong with your face it’s becoming embarrassing please you guys should me a brother out of this dark spots thanks

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