College Memories! My First Few Weeks of University in Pictures


6:33 pm, September 19, 2007

Just arrived at the airport

About to be picked up by the school van and head off for campus. I’ve secured my California Fake ID and I’m all set to have the most fun-filled years of my life!

I was so ridiculously excited.. (now I know better but my naive excitement in this picture is still rather cute)



We went to Six Flags!

I love rollercoasters!! It was so much fun!


First day of classes .. This is what I wore


My roommate was called Johanna

That’s my bed on the right.

For some reason we had sinks and huge mirrors in our rooms.

It came in handy all those mornings I just brushed my teeth and washed my face and ran to class without showering.

The reason I often didn’t shower was a mixture between the fact that I never woke up with enough time and because the shower was pretty gross. It wasn’t one of those nice big showers with the glass shower doors that you’d get at college today.

Still, I probably should have used it more…


Getting ready for my first on-campus party.

I bought this dress at a shop in Ceddi Plaza for 14k.

It definitely wasn’t worth that much.

Shege to the shop owner.

Is this a strange attempt at Duck Face???


The party wasn’t that great

Just people drinking alcohol and grinding

Thankfully, I was able to attend the party, which if I hadn’t secured my ID, with the help of this fake id maker, I wouldn’t have experienced.

Even though it wasn’t that good, at least I didn’t suffer from FOMO, (fear of missing out).

But I met some interesting people.

Like this guy


By beginning of second year, I had gained almost 100 pounds (about 50 kg)


Yeah, chubby as hell


What do you remember about the first few weeks of college?

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  1. Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

    it’s called “Frosh 35” or may be it’s 50. Where you gain about 35-50 pounds in your first year. I saw any of my on campus mates gain around that and much. It’s mostly because the foods they serve on campus aren’t healthy. And since most of them can’t cook, they have no choice but to reply on such meal. I can’t really remember much about my first few weeks of uni, except for the fact that I was so afraid of failing or doing something crazy. lol

  2. real8

    100 pounds is like 45kg but still though, in one year? nah i dont believe it. it took me ten years to gain and be able to lose 20kg. ive lost 10kg off it and gain it back like 4times now in betweeen but 45kg though sugarbelly. how did you feel losing clothes??? i find it so impossible, are you sure of what ure saying??? nyways i wish i had my first days uni in pictures but that was 8years long ago it’ll be so amazing going down memory lane. lovely pictures.

  3. brenda

    Wow, I like watching old pictures, sometimes old memories could be so refreshing, which is weird, considering they are old memeries. You look good btw. I remember stuff from college too, I was so fat in first year, then I grew so slim as the years progressed, it was that stressful, these days I have to struggle to put on weight.

  4. labelwhorre.com

    Had massive hang over…i dont know how i maintained a 3.7 gpa…i partied hard til my pee began to smell like Smirnoff…..sophomore year i cooled off and my parents pulled me out and sent me to an all girls catholic university….ps food in Frisco toooo expensive..

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