Throwback: Thin Sugabelly with Her Big Boobs

And that stupid phone…

In that stupid pose…..

With that stupid look on her face…

Wow eighteen year old self, really?

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  1. Abokishop

    Theres nothing stupid in pose….lol…infact other girl posed like this in all their self photoshots..lol…in this pose u had that “uhn! Look at me now…i’m hot and u guys know i know u know it”…lol

  2. Abokishop

    *theres nothing stupid about the pose jor!…lol…..infact other girls should pose more like this in all their self photoshots….cos in this pose u had that “uhn look at me now..i’m sexy and hot and i know that u know that i know u know it”…lol

  3. Adura Ojo (naijalines)

    You this naughty girl! Your titillation does not count in my definition of blog whoring, We can see your face and you are not anonymous jor. lol. Nice pic of you though. Nice boobs! Hopefully you’ve got a couple of decades before they start misbehaving. Enjoy them;)

  4. J. R.Simms.

    I,m carribean person with still my west African out look and approach to life, women are adorable afri diastrical decent that is if there,s any other thing I admire is seeing georgeos afro women who carry D’s don’t know but i’ve come to belive they’re much smarter.Take hart Suger B. Open confesion is always good for the soul ! Especially African women they are the real Afro women !

  5. Kommy

    I’ve been reading your blog all evening. As annoying as you may come across sometimes, one can’t take away d fact that you’re brilliant. Pretty impressive. Keep it up!

  6. ene

    you were very hot. that’s why they did what they did… (also they were pigs) wish someone would’ve protected you.
    but oh well…

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