I’m Twenty-Four!!!




I want that Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!

I might have overdone it with the shoes though.

Stop buying shoes Sugabelly.








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  1. Beautiful

    Oh woow I LOVE the shoes! What size do you wear so I can steal some!

    Happy Birthday beautiful Sugabelly, I wish you a year fullof joy, laughter, God’s love, awesome business returns, stability, all your heart desires and moorrreee.May this be your best year yet, amen! *hugs*

  2. cosmicyoruba

    Happy birthday dear! I hope you had a good time and that your 24th year is a prosperous one. And you know what you should have bought instead of shoes!

  3. cosmicyoruba

    Sugabelly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May your 24th year be happy and prosperous. Those shoes are lovely sha but I’m like you could have used the money on other more important things.

    Not sure if my last comment went through, if so sorry for the repetition.

  4. D.

    Happy Birthday!!! Those shoes are beautiful! You have good taste, I could see myself in those shoes. 😉 Have an amazing day!

  5. mizchif

    OMG!!! Lovely shoes. Share!!!!

    Happy Birthday babe. I do pray that this new year in your life will be full of happy days. All the best hun.
    Oh and i haven’t been on the site in a while. Love all the changes. Well done.

  6. mbabazi

    happy belated birthday. 24 pairs…and all this gorgeous. i jealous you,
    its great to live a litlle, do the things that make you happy so enjoy rocking your shoes.

  7. Cherrywine

    A bit belated but better late than never. Happy Birthday hun. You’re 2 days after my brother and a day before my Mum. I love Marchies! I’m sure you had a fab one, evidenced by the shoe splurge. I am absolutely hating on you for those shoes especially the asymmetrical wedges. Love, love, love!

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