The 10 People You Meet in Nigeria – Part 9

Who are the people in your neighbourhood? If you live in Nigeria, you probably run into all sorts of characters on a daily basis. Of course, where you live and what your social status is influence the type of crowd you run with, but regardless of where you’ve been and who you are, if you live or are in Nigeria, sooner or later, you will run into all of the following people.

The Cash Madam (ego owokudi)

General Characteristics:

Name a price, any price. To The Cash Madam it’s chicken change thanks to her multiple successful businesses generating more money than she knows what to do with.
Cash Madams put their vast financial resources to good use buying houses, cars, and luxury leather bags for themselves, their family members, and anyone else they currently favour. Naturally Cash Madams are fond of gold and will wear copious quantities at the slightest opportunity.
Expect younger Cash Madams to drive outrageously large SUVs to announce their arrival. Older Cash Madams have been there and done that, and rather spend their time and money gunning for pricey but elusive chieftaincy titles in their villages. Many Cash Madams are really former Aristos so they like to focus on work to draw attention away from their past.
When she’s not building yet another house on prime real estate, The Cash Madam likes to relax in chartered jets, sipping champagne she doesn’t like because that’s what rich people do.
Natural Habitat: The first class cabins of all international airlines, overpriced department stores, and airport VIP lounges.

Notable Habits: Buying items with no known price and an infamous waitlist, and an obsessive need to own at least one house in every main city.

Natural Enemies: The Ajepako Pastor, and The Aboki

Related To: The Sisi Eko, The Aristo, The Alhaji, and The Oga Kpata Kpata

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  1. Debby 'Baro

    Happy Sunday Sugabelly. You are just filled with comics. I like the fact that you even know who these special Nigerians are usually related to! I like these artworks and hope to learn if you’ll teach me.Lol!

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