The 10 People You Meet in Nigeria – Part 8

Who are the people in your neighbourhood? If you live in Nigeria, you probably run into all sorts of characters on a daily basis. Of course, where you live and what your social status is influence the type of crowd you run with, but regardless of where you’ve been and who you are, if you live or are in Nigeria, sooner or later, you will run into all of the following people.

The Aristo (homo sapiens pepeye)

General Characteristics:

Cars, watches, houses, jets, the Aristo wants all the things she can’t get….on her own that is. Luckily she’s well versed in using what assets she does have to reel in the rich and powerful to buy her the things she doesn’t.
Never one to allow her less than glamorous background to get in her way, what she lacks in class and breeding, the Aristo makes up for in appearance and sheer determination.
Wielding street smarts, a superstar tailor, and enough borrowed clothes from dorm roommates to start a small boutique, Aristos use their advanced forecasting powers to determine just which drunken sob at the club is about to hit it big, and act accordingly.
Single or taken, it makes no difference; the Aristo makes bold moves while the good girls look on. Too holy to prowl unnamed hotels at three in the morning? Sit back and watch an Aristo extract a private jet from your husband.
Natural Habitat: Universities in Lagos, Expensive Clubs and Hotels on Lagos Island

Notable Habits: No permanent boyfriend, no permanent identity; Aristos embellish their backstory as needed. Baby Aristos hone their skills in secondary school before graduating onto the university social scene.

Natural Enemies: The Sisi Eko (Many Aristos secretly aspire to become Sisi Ekos but lack the class and family connections) and The Ajepako Pastor.

Related To: The Cash Madam, The Sisi Eko, and The Alhaji

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  1. Afronuts

    I just had an idea of this your ’10 people’ but I don’t want to give spoilers away on here. i want to know if you’re okay with it. Let’s hear you out on twitter’s DM. I’m following you already.

  2. igbophilia

    Your illustrations are just sick. I think you’ve got even better – clean, clean lines, sharp detail.

    I wish I could re-blog this but there is no wordpress link. Ugh. I’ll find a way. More people need to see this series.

  3. Segun Omojola

    since all the previous commenters on here have praised the accuracy of the descrptions here, can any of them go a step further and pick which of the ten that they are…… as for me, this is off point….

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