Considering Moving to WordPress

I feel overwhelmed with my current blog and I’m not sure it suits my needs anymore! It sounds sacrilegious right???

I know!!!!

I have loved Blogger from day one but recently, I’ve begun to feel like I’ve outgrown it. With the help of this website and others like it, I have been able to focus more on my social platforms and interact with my readers on there instead of writing huge blogs!

Blogger doesn’t offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to hosting your blog even though they tried by adding pages and nested comments and a bunch of other great features but I feel like WordPress gives more of an opportunity to make money with a blog.

What worries me the most is that most Nigerian bloggers are on Blogger and we have such an amazing community here.

I remember when I used to write my blog posts and nobody came to my blog. I also remember the very first blog post I wrote that got a comment! My first two commenters ever were NkemUgo and Solomonsydelle. Sadly they’re not blogging anymore but I miss them so so much!

There are a lot of things I want to do creatively this year and I’ve struggled with fitting that into Blogger’s framework. I’ve read so many posts on choosing the best blogging platform and I think I’ve come to my own conclusion.

WordPress seems to be infinitely more customizable than Blogger and it breaks my heart to leave Blogger because it was and still is my first love. However, sometimes you have to do what’s right for you and your career. Hopefully, moving to WordPress will allow me to have a clean slate. One of my friends told me to make sure I register a domain this time. She thinks that will help my followers find my blog directly. That might mean that more people decide to follow and read my blog! Hopefully! Maybe I’ll be able to focus more if I have more people reading my blog, it might motivate me to write more.

(Little Known Fact: My first ever main blog was on Diaryland at – which I opened when I was ten years old, AND IT STILL EXISTS!!! Then I moved to Xanga at, then for a while I was on LiveJournal at, then I found Blogger and started as

I didn’t like Blogger at first and I found a blogging platform that was ten times better than Blogger and that I loved at first sight.

The original beginning of this blog was at Vox at If you look at the very oldest posts on this blog from 2007, you’ll see lots of references to my Vox blog.

Sadly, Vox shut down and that was what forced me to finally resettle on Blogger as, now known today as )

Ugh, so should I do it?

I am so afraid of getting cut off from you guys and ending up in the WordPress boonies where noone from the Blogger crowd ever comes to visit.

I have a poll up on the right corner of the blog so please let me know what you think!

I’ve had so much fun being here and I found more support and friends (and enemies ^_^ ) on the Internet than I ever thought possible.

Thank you so much everyone.

I’ve been blogging here for almost SEVEN years, isn’t that crazy?!?

It sounds cliche but it’s true.

I might not have made it through those years without you guys.

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  1. Lara

    I am also considering a move to wordpress, so I understand where you are coming from…Blogger does not offer so much…you sure have come a long way in the blogging world

  2. Adura

    Same here, I have been thinking about moving to WordPress for over two years! I actually opened a WordPress account and started trying out templates but it just didn’t happen then.
    I’m so used to blogger (I used to blog years ago on Blogger before starting my current blog) and although change is needed, it will take some adjusting so I’m still stalling.

    I think you should do it… maybe that’ll motivate me to do so too 😉

  3. Debby 'Baro

    What is this movement thing about? I know you are creative and would always want the best, but consider the fact that you’ve been with blogger for this long seven years! Not really doing an advert for them.

  4. Binie O

    WordPress is so scary though but I think it would be better for you on the long run for sure ! Im sticking with Blogger for now .. since Im a junior-blogger lol

  5. Ginger

    Sugabelly powered by nsogbu? loool. Gi bu nwa!!

    Have you moved over yet? I noticed the blog looks/feels different. 7yrs is a looong time. Hope I last that long. Its been such a struggle recently…

  6. Marko Saric

    I think it makes sense for you to do that as you say yourself you have outgrown Blogger by now. WordPress does offer you more options and I wouldn’t be too afraid of losing your following – if they like you and your content they will go where you are.

    • sugabelly

      Adura had the same question about moving and retaining followers/readers. I gave her a link that explained step by step how to make the move and not lose your followers. It’s on my “Hello WordPress” post. Just check the comments.

  7. Ugo Daniels [Nkemugo Blogspot]

    I just read your rape story and for the first time in so many years, i have tears in my eyes. It’s really appalling what you went through. So many questions, so few answers. Kindly contact me if ever there’s anything you think i would be of help. You are loved. You are blessed. God give you strength and bless you and may the culprits be judged by God.

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