The Pointy Nails Trend

I usually don’t hop on bandwagons but I think my manicure at The Nail Bar back in October reminded me of how much I used to love getting my nails done.

Early in December, I ran into Bob-Ij at Silverbird and she had the cutest pointy/dagger nails! I’d seen the trend on Rihanna all year long so when she told me where she’d got hers done, I just went on a whim and got them done at Bold and Beautiful for ₦3500.



The design was mine.



In retrospect,
It wasn’t such a great idea.
I couldn’t get into the taxi to go home, and I could barely reach into my bag to pay.
Let’s just say after one attempt to use the bathroom, I decided to cut them.
They were gorgeous and I loved them but being a fashionista just didn’t seem worth poking myself a new ass hole.


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  1. Sykik

    Lol….pele… no easy to be a babe……I have attempted some stunts and I jejely respected myself when I realized “yanga” isn’t in my blood.


  2. Mz.T

    Oooouuu I Love it! I had claws for the holidays too. But the pain from banging the nails on something or one coming off by mistake is just not worth it mahn.

  3. OJsBabyGrl

    Omg…they are not cute at all. They look so evil looking. To animal like. Not natural not cute .sorry I can’t stand this new trend. A little natural curve is good..too square, too round, to pointy is all too extreme. So this new point talon look is a fashion fail in my opinion unless your job is to rip open the bodies of vermin…lol. No disrespect. Just saying.

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