The Person You Hate the Most

The keys to the castle

Were once taken from me

Has he come to give them back?

No he’s come to rub my face in the shit of Perfection

Hope died when he came back

Perfection, you coward

He wields vile perfection

Like a weapon to beat my heart black

You’re so afraid.

Just do it you coward.

Fear is the only thing holding you here.

Fear that it’s worse and it never gets better

You’re stuck in the past cause you can’t see your future

It’s like you’re not even there

The places you stab with your hate and your anger

Are the ones where he touched you the most

Are the ones that record and remember the hunger

For affection so rare, when you get it you choke

Where he printed his love being forbidden to say it

For perfect Perfection is lying in wait

If your heart is extinguished

It’s only because

Your soul cannot bear its own weight

Just do it you coward

Just do us a favour

And end it before it’s too late

Just bleed out you coward

Step into the darkness

Accept it for better or worse

Stop breathing you coward

Stop beating and maybe

All pain will be left far behind

Love noone you coward

Trust noone and maybe

One day far away you might smile

Remember you coward

It takes just a moment

Press harder, cut deeper

Cry harder, drink faster

No one said no

When it was my turn to go

No one said no

You didn’t say so

Undo it, do over

Our happily ever after

In another life

We’re the loves of our lives

You did it you coward

Now sit and bask in it

I loved you, I just didn’t know

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