Read The 10 People You Meet in Nigeria Online!

I finally got my copy of The Africa Report issue 44 which of course, is where my art series ‘The 10 People You Meet in Nigeria’ is featured.

Thank you so much to everyone who bought it.
I had five whole pages for the article.
When the magazine came in the mail I spent the whole day smiling like an idiot. 
I’m still so happy!!!
If you’ve been waiting to read the rest of the 10 Nigerians series, the entire series is currently online at The Africa Report’s site.
I’ll be continuing the series here as well so keep an eye out.

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  1. Miss Jay

    Hi there, I read ur blog from time to time and hadn’t read it in a while so decided to see what’s been going on and oh my, I’m lost for words at what came about with your 10 Nigerians article. A hearty congratulations to you. The sky is just your starting point. You should be very proud of yourself; not many people can speak of such an accomplishment.
    Should anyone rub u off the wrong way, try and remember the greatness and giftedness that is in you cos you are soooooo worth it. take care

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