Examine What You Tolerate

If I was happy the week before last, last week ranks up there as one of the shittiest weeks of my life.

Some people have no conscience, no morals, and no shame.

How can you just destroy someone’s life and not think twice about it? And just say it’s not your problem?

I am tired.

I am so fucking tired tired and I am done putting up with this bullshit. Forever.

I am longer going to be nice.

I’ve been a nice person for so long and look what happened.

Obviously, it seems like only nice people finish last in Nigeria.

You want a bitch abi?

Better get ready.

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  1. Agrodolce

    Sweety, take deep breaths, and just let it run its course, everyone has these days that just totally send one down an angry spiral. Just don’t let it mess with you, your kind nature and how you spend the rest of your day. 🙂

    and dear Mr. Trae_z, one of the points of a blog, just like you stated clearly on yours, is to put down your thoughts and opinions and this is hers so it would be polite to respect it even if you don’t agree.

  2. labelwhorre.com

    sweety…..please stop being nice..nigerians aint worth a single good act..i just told my mom the exact same thing…TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! trust me…if there was an award for being nice, understanding, caring, giving, selfless..i would have four stacks up crib..but i got tired..really tired of getting repaid by ungrateful elements..in this world nice people don’t finish first..i learnt that the hard way..do you and feel free to curse out anybody who hurts you and abuses your love and kind heart. #yolo

  3. Sama

    I hope everything gets better. NEVER stop being nice, never stop being you. People may be extremely callous, vindictive and mostly a pain to deal with. But by being the best you, you also get to meet amazing people and longtime friends. Just work on being authoritative, know how and when to say No. So you are not giving yourself a headache over nothing.

    Stay happy 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Being “nice” is overrated. I’ve been “nice” all my life and all it’s done is gotten me heartbroken, used, ridiculed and alone. Be a good person but put yourself and your needs first.

  5. abokishop

    Being nice is not the issue…its the people ur nice too that makes being nice look like a weakness….but i swear to u its anything but that…its only a strong person that look at all these ungreatful buggers sharing this planet with us and say u can
    have this no strings attached…go kill urself if u like…cos if u turn into a “bitch” they will win cos they have finally initiated u to their loser sad hopeless excuse of a life that they live…ur kindness seperates u from all the billions of a#swholes alive…so take a deep breath after venting and please remain our ever most creative sugabelly…

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