Hurricane Sandy Worries

For about half a second I was thanking my lucky stars that I’m in Nigeria not America now that Hurricane Sandy is tearing up the east coast, but then my thoughts went to all my friends and my family on the east coast of the USA and I began to panic.

Please be safe everyone!!! Especially Pea, Mellowyel, Pat B, Chimdi, Chioma, Donli, Dutch, Chimahe, Nkiru, Ada, everyone at school, everyone at grad school, everyone just loitering on the east coast.

And I spoke to my Grandma who lives on the east coast too and she’s doing well.

If I could give you all one piece of advice where preparing for a hurricane is concerned, it would be to make sure that you have a home insurance policy that includes coverage for bad weather!

No one wants to think too much about their home or possessions being damaged by a storm but taking out home insurance can protect your property and belongings in a worst-case scenario. Temped to discover how home insurance could help you during the aftermath of a storm? Head to to learn how it works and to compare policies from a variety of different home insurance providers.

Above all, replacing your items and repairing your property can be expensive in the aftermath of a hurricane, but if you have taken out appropriate insurance, then you might be able to make a claim towards covering these costs.

Stay safe everyone!

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  1. Ag

    I am currently living in the east coast but 90% of my family and friends are on the east coast, so I was terrified and making sure everyone had water and food for days. Thank God everyone is okay. Blessed.

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