Guess Who I Saw At Salamander?!?

Okay so this actually happened a few days ago and I wrote a blog post about it then but suddenly my blog post disappeared and I don’t know how to get it back!!! T-T

So, there I was in Salamander, pretending to be doing something productive and cursing myself for eating too much jerk chicken…again when somebody said “Sugabelly!”

My first thought was “Oh God, why? why? why?” because as usual I looked like I had just crawled out from under a bush and I considered sliding under the table and pretending I wasn’t there but then I figured that the person had already seen me so any attempts to escape would be futile.

I looked up and guess who I saw smiling at me from across the table? ~B~ !!!!

Last year when we did the language challenge, ~B~ had the only hausa entry!

She’s a such a nice person in person and she looked amazing!!! Me, I was wearing the same clothes from the day before and I was just looking tattered like always. Very embarrassing. So now, I think perhaps I should start taking my Mom’s advice to actually iron my clothes before I leave the house.

Ah, I wish I could look half as lovely as ~B~.

It was really nice meeting you ~B~!

Oh em gee!! I keep running into bloggers everywhere!!!!

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  1. ~B~

    hehe *le blush*
    I wanted to sit down and chat for longer but I already felt like I was invading your private time.
    You didn’t look half as bad as you’re making it sound jo, and besides, I was coming from a meeting; I had to look my best :p
    It was really nice meeting you too!!

  2. rainbowlove

    been reading ur articles before now on ur blog rather privately and i must say …you are a writer!!!..loool. and i appreciate ppl who can draw too cos i cant.
    since B- didnt complain abt how you look, then why should you?…lol

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