So I Went on a Date

On Friday… I think. I honestly don’t remember.

Either way, I met a guy at a gathering and he was a friend of a friend so I said yes when he asked me to meet him at Ketchup. (Which I’ve never been to by the way, can you imagine?)

He’s a pretty nice person. Although, he first complained that I was going to be late and then he ended up being the one that was late. I got there a full ten minutes before he did, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Begin date. We talked although we didn’t really have very much in common or to talk about. Besides a bunch of questions back and forth, the conversation sort of fell flat. Then it really took a nose dive when he implied I was fat and then proceeded to berate me for not knowing how to cook and frankly not giving a shit about it.

I think the last straw was when I showed him my comics and he said he was shocked to see a girl doing this.

Let’s just say I’m going to remain single until further notice and I’m perfectly happy with that.

Oh yeah, and Subway Guy – the guy that I gave my number on the London Underground and texted back and forth with abruptly stopped texting me back when he found out I was Nigerian.

Weird huh?

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  1. bizmaxi

    for the subway guy, don’t take it personally it’s probably that whole, “nigerian prince/email” rubbish. plus I think relationship via text/social networks are harder to build, the texting thing works better if there’s already been a relationship established

  2. Ifunanya "IFNA"

    He sounds immature, definitely sounds like a guy who is using the unconventional approach of “kiddie flirting” like he’s 12. By making fun of you. …. hoped you sassed him up

  3. Sir Farouk

    Fail all round especially the dude. I think he ran out of things to talk about or use to toast you so he went the puerile route, hoping that by making fun of you enough, you ll trip like a badly wired home. Evidently you didnt.

    • sugabelly

      Hahaa Trip like a badly wired home! No, I most certainly did not trip. I didn’t find it funny at all. There’s nothing like bad or no conversation to ruin a date.

    • sugabelly

      Something that really really irks me is when a person can’t talk intelligently about anything or doesn’t have an opinion on anything. That really bothered me.

      And then the patronising and sexist comments he made didn’t make it any better either.

      He actually said if we were going to date he’d lock me in the kitchen. How crude.

  4. Z

    Ugh, the sexist remarks make me want to stab people in the face. A friend of mine was trying to hook me up with her cousin via Whatsapp (I know, I know). In our first conversation, the dude was like “So, what can you cook that will make me go crazy for you? I like egusi.” My reply was- “I suggest you learn how to cook egusi, then o_O”

    Nonsense and Golden Morn.

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