London Purchases Part 1 – Makeup

What better thing to do while on holiday than shop shop shop?!?

I’m seriously dreading my excess luggage bill but for now I think I’ll just forget about that and enjoy that “brand new” wafting from within my shopping bags.

I’m not a shopaholic but I’ve bought so much stuff this trip (compared to what I planned to buy) that I can’t even fit them all into one post. Now that I think about it, if I hadn’t bought my drawing tablet, I might have had even more stuff to carry home so I’m thankful that I did.

I used to absolutely adore makeup then I just didn’t have the energy, but as part of my new resolution to try the things I like more, I went out and bought some. I was thinking about buying the Thin Lizzy collection, but they don’t have that over here, I’ll have to get it online!

Been searching for a good bb cream for dark skin since last year.
Finally found two!
I love these colours
Superdrug BB Cream in Medium and Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Dark

I got this Sleek makeup foundation in Earth

Not much difference.
Store bought on the left. Name brand on the right.

Oh look there’s a video!!

To be continued … ^_^

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  1. All4Naija

    Actually, ladies can’t do without makeup and it is obvious you indulge in them.

    Lol@ make me looks like juju.

    However, how are you enjoying old city of London?

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