Get a mini portrait of yourself!

Update: Please use the Fiverr link – – to order your commissions. If you’re in Nigeria and want a chibi please let me know with the “Contact Me” page. 


Commissions are open! (Sort of ^_^ )

In honour of getting my new Wacom Cintiq, I’m doing Chibi commissions for $5.

If you don’t know what “chibi” means, look no further!!

Chibi is a drawing style where the heads are big, the eyes are cute, and the body is small, just like I did for the Nigerian Blog Awards!!! ^_^

So, if you want a cute little chibi portrait of yourself for your blog or your sidebar or whatever you want it for, hit me up on Fiverr at

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    • sugabelly

      Sure I can do a sample and post it here for everyone to see what it’s going to look like, but since I’m doing the chibis for just $5, I can’t provide the same process that normal commissions get (i.e. preliminary sketches, revisions, etc. ) but you’ll be able to see what it will generally look like from the sample.

  1. NikkiSho

    I want one! will inform you when i am ready 🙂 oh and i checked the post about the ones you made for the Nigerian blog awards…what you do is pretty amazing!

    • sugabelly

      Thanks!! Please let me know as soon as you’re ready. Working on the Nigerian Blog Awards was so much fun but it was really exhausting too because I had to draw thirty of them.

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