A Gutsy Move or Just Plain Stupid?

I was on the tube yesterday when this really really cute Asian guy got on.

After surreptitiously stealing shy glances at him, I tore off a piece of envelope, wrote my number on it with the words ‘call me ^_^’ on it and shoved it into his pocket as I was getting off the train.

He probably thought I was trying to pick his pockets or something and now he still hasn’t called.

Gosh Sugabelly, why are you such a stalker????

Update: OMG!!! He just texted me!!!!!!!!!!!!   What should I do?????????

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  1. Anonymous

    in the UK that is code for desperate and plain stupid. next time follow him to his stop and say hi, now that is good stalking. lol

    • sugabelly

      No, I don’t have a fetish for one particular race of guys. Go back a few posts in my blog and you’ll see I’ve dated guys from pretty much every race – Nigerian, white, Asian, etc. ^_^

      I have no idea who Matsumoto Jun is. 🙁

      Just googled him, he’s cute.

  2. Iremide

    I am in trouble! Been glued to your blog since i discovered it 2 days ago. Cant wait to get to 2015 but i cant jump that would be cheating.
    Ive experienced all range of emotions so far. I just hope further down i would see you got the help you need, are running your successful businesses and generally in a happier place

    • sugabelly

      I always find it so weird when people go back and start reading my blog from the archives. Especially because I’ve changed so much as I’ve gotten older. Sometimes I read really old posts and I can barely recognize myself because I sounded so different back then, or my outlook on life was totally different. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me through these posts though. Most people just read the post they heard about and jump to a million conclusions.

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