Was there a bomb? … Or wasn’t there?

So sometime this morning / last night, I started seeing tweets saying there’d been a bomb close to Krystal Lounge in Wuse 2 and was duly alarmed since I live in Abuja. There were even pictures coming through of damaged cars but luckily no news of casualties.

Now it appears it might not even have been a bomb after all. It seems a transformer exploded near the club. Either way, I’m really glad noone was hurt.

Although this does illustrate how aware we all are under the surface of how close the situation in the north is and how much we’re all trying our best to ignore it by pretending to go on with our lives normally in Abuja.

This situation can’t go on like this indefinitely.

Something’s got to give.

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    • sugabelly

      I never actually found out what happened. There seems to have been a sort of non-conclusion on this. Boko Haram never said anything about it but I think everyone assumes it’s Boko Haram anyway.

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