Ingozi on the High Veldt

I’m on safari in South Africa with my Mom!

It’s a good chance to talk and bond and try and sort ourselves out.

We’ve been here for two days so far at the Legend Golf and Safari Park in South Africa. It’s effing cold here, reminds me a bit of being back at school but I’ve had a pretty good time so far.

It’s been wildlife sightings every day. We went to see lions, cheetah, giraffe, impalas, and lots of other really cool animals and I was able to get some great shots of the animals. It is definitely an experience I will never forget. Being able to see some of the most popular animals in the world could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I’m glad that I was able to get some photographs so I could capture these special moments. When I told my friend about seeing other people who had binoculars, she said that I should have a look at these binoculars reviewed recommendations so that I could be more prepared if I am to do anything like this again. Don’t get me wrong, I was able to see everything I ever dreamed of, but imagine if my vision was enhanced? It would be even better. But I’m just so grateful that I was able to see and take shots of these beautiful animals, as it will allow this memory to live on.

Our little room/chalet/lodge thingy… deep in a bush

Inside is gorgeous though! ^_^

The view from our backyard

It was really scary though because the animals roam free and we got REALLY close to this massive lion. The lion was TEN FEET away, just sitting there!!!. I was scared out of my mind but the safari guide told us to stay very still and not make any noise or any sudden movements so I steeled myself and just avoided looking the lion in the eye.

About to enter the game reserve

This is our guide – Mr. Matthew!! ^_^

That thing Mr. Matthew is holding… …is Hyena dung. Yes…

We found some Lion tracks so we followed them.

The paw prints were freaking HUGE!!

When the lion got up I think everyone in the safari truck almost collapsed with fright but all the lion did was stretch and then walk off to go drink some water.

We found them around the corner

Do you see how close it is?

The lion was THIS CLOSE to our truck!!

So fucking scary.

We were in an open truck and it was so close !!! =(

I was pretty relieved when we got out of there.

We also saw a rare White Rhino!!

And it’s baby!!! So CUTE!!!

After being bumped around in the wilderness all day, I gave up any hope of looking semi-decent

We spotted some giraffe too!

Today is the first day I’ve had internet because the resort where we’re staying is DEEP IN THE BUSH.
As in, you open your door and it’s just bush and lions and elephants and all sorts of alarming creatures and trees and grass and mountains and nothing else.

For someone who really dislikes being outdoors I keep asking myself ‘What am I doing here?’ but it’s a lot of fun too.

Haven’t had any contact with the outside world for almost three days. The phone situation in South Africa sucks big time. You have to register a SIM before you can use it. I am sure this is where Nigeria copied the idea from. Nigeria copy-copy!! Woooooo!! Shame!!!

More updates later and more pictures and video once I’ve edited them. The internet here is a little slow 🙁

All pictures were taken by me because my Mom was too frightened (and cold) to take them herself. ^_^ Heh heh!

*Ingozi means “Danger” in one of the languages here. Not sure if it’s Zulu or Xhosa or something else. I just thought it was funny because it’s so similar to Ngozi. ^_^

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  1. LadyNgo

    Its xhosa! lol. Used to date a South African guy and when i told him my name he gave me a crazy look and told me what it meant. Funny that Ngozi is the complete opposite lol. Anywho, love the pictures. Have fun and stay safe 🙂

  2. HoneyDame

    OMG!That looks like a lot of fun!I thought about Ngozi when I saw the Ingozi too….
    I dont know o, but I think the lion would have bitten me! Keep still ke?! Lailai, it woulda have smelt my fear from 50miles away!

  3. Fluffycutething

    what? 10 feet away from a lion??????

    Dont even know whether my heart would cope with such excitement LOL

    Envy you a bit though, some holiday and escaping from daily stress of just being in Naija…

    Happy to hear/note that you and your mama are giving the whole bonding thing a chance… those tiny beds so close to each dont give you much of a choice though LOL

    Cheers Sugabelly

    • sugabelly

      I’m not brave o! I was scared shitless walahi. I kept thinking “God, who sent me here? Why did I come? Was it by force?”

      Ha, I’m so glad I left there in one piece.

  4. Swahili gal

    LOL coming from East Africa i always find it amusing when i see other people’s posts on Safari etc since i am used to it glad you are enjoying yourself i think internet is slow since you are deep in the bush coz SA has some of the best speeds in Africa and Safari is actually the swahili word for journey…so you are on an animal sporting journey…Safiri Salama swahili for have a safe journey!!! and yes may to early august is the east/southern african winter think Europe/north america in November december it gets really cold but no snow

    • sugabelly

      I didn’t know that about the word Safari. I was shocked to find out that it was winter in the middle of June. I barely packed anything warm so I was freezing throughout! I still had fun though.

  5. Mounah

    You’re a very beautiful young lady and I really do mean it. I LOVE the pic with ur hair being blown by the wind, so gorgeous. Thanks for the lovely pics.

  6. Anonymous

    Sugabelly, I meant to say this earlier, but got distracted and never did. Your hair is absolutely, truly gorgeous! Please share tips on how you manage it when you get the chance – I’m transitioning right now and all the information out there is confusing.

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