Flights and Fear

I didn’t say anything about the Dana crash that happened on Sunday because I had nothing to say. I was sitting in Salamander having lunch when I started seeing tweets about it coming through.

For me, it’s all too familiar. In 2005 when Sosoliso crashed I lost two great friends and looking back at how I took the news I was an absolute mess. I’m still an absolute mess every time I think about it so I can imagine how the families of the victims of this crash are feeling.

Got home from Salamander to find an abnormal number of cars on my street. The street was so full the taxi I was in had to manoeuvre slowly around them to get past. Absent mindedly I wondered if anything had happened not connecting the dots at all.

It turns out that my next door neighbour had been on that plane. He left behind his wife and adorable little daughters. All the cars in the street were people paying condolence visits.

Ever since Sosoliso crashed I have been utterly terrified of flying. This is a huge shame because before the crash I absolutely loved flying. Now just thinking about entering a plane makes me feel very ill. Even writing this blog post is making me feel ill. I have to travel soon and I’ve been having nightmares every night for the past two weeks. Every day my heart pounds and I feel like vomiting. I just can’t calm myself. I keep seeing pictures from the Sosoliso crash and the Dana crash and I am absolutely paralysed by fear.

At this rate I think I might have a panic attack on the flight.

When people in charge of businesses forget that at the end of the day, human lives are involved, this is the result. Smaller companies with smaller planes can often be safer to travel on. While a private jet might not be for everyone, you can use this aircraft rental service to look into options for your next flight. A lot has been tossed around about the owners of Dana air and the fact that they are Indians and how they forced the staff to continue even though they knew the planes were faulty.

That they are Indians is a separate issue that Nigerians really need to talk about because we have all heard about the never ending cases of foreign owned companies abusing their Nigerian employees, especially companies with Indian or Chinese or Lebanese management.

However, I think it’s irrelevant (or almost irrelevant) in this case.

No matter the ethnicity of the management, it was criminal of them to put profit above the safety of human life by insisting that planes that needed maintenance or engineering attention continue to fly. Absolutely criminal.

A plane is not a car. Totally kpafuka’d jalopies can be “managed”. Planes cannot. There is no “management” the moment a plane is involved. You don’t get a chance to roll to the side of the road and park well. Any plane that is in the air must be in TOP shape 24/7. Why the fuck can’t these greedy bastards understand this?

Then back to the issue of Indian managers. It is also well known that Nigerians in general tend to treat non-Nigerians better than their fellow Nigerians or fear them (as long as said non-Nigerians do not appear to be black). It is a very real possibility that because of this tendency those under these Indian managers might have felt significantly more afraid to complain or escalate this issue than they otherwise might have had the management been Nigerian.

I don’t know, but I have SEEN Nigerians let non-black non-Nigerians get away with shit they would NEVER let a Nigerian pull.

Just saying.

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  1. Amanda Japanda

    Statistically speaking, you’re safer getting in a plane than getting in a car. There are far more car crashes than plane crashes each year. People tend to get really freaked out when there’s a serious plane crash, but planes are actually one of the safest forms of travel.

    • Guy

      Yeah Amanda it is one of the safest forms of travel, and the odds that a plane might crash are small but that doesn’t take away the fear and the trauma especially from someone who has personal experiences with loss of friends from a crash but even worse is that if it were elsewhere you would have been correct, it would take extreme circumstances for crashes to happen but not in Naija where planes are treated like ‘Molue’. These kinds of things are not supposed to be happening, after the crashes of 2005 the government acted like they were seriously going to fix the aviation sector but it is still the same or probably even worse and im really sick of the corruption and stupidity of our leaders. How many more have to suffer and die before we get that no matter how much money you steal or how rich you are you are still killing yourself slowly because you are still living in the same country which you decided not to fix. This plane could have crashed on top of the minister of aviation’s house or any other government official.I don’t know what else to say. Sugabelly its okay just find a way to distract yourself while flying, maybe make yourself really really tired before the flight, dont’t sleep the night before etc so that you’ll just dose off as soon as you get on the flight and before you know it you’ll be waking up on the ground again. You’ll be fine

  2. Lara

    The Pilot is American, Co-pilot Indian and Engineer was Indonesian…even if the Indian and Indonesian were afraid of their boss, the pilot must have been feeling like superman to take the risk and fly that plane knowing about the technical issues…this is what happens when we allow all these greedy Asians take over our land. Our Government needs to wake up and protect us from thieves…all Mr. President’s crocodile tears is not helping matters rara.

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