Why Am I So Angry?

I just realised that I have been indescribably angry for as long as I can remember
I just don’t know why

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  1. Anonymous

    You do know why dearie. So many things have happened to you in the past but you need to let them go. Let go and take charge of your life, you’ll be better for it.

  2. Anonymous

    At least you’re on the 1st step to recovery, “identifying that there is a problem” the anon above is right too, but you’ll be fine you seem like a strong person

    • sugabelly

      Some people identify the problem but then never do anything about it. I was like that for ages. I knew what the problem was but I just couldn’t make a move to fix it. Thank goodness I’ve changed my outlook this year.

  3. mims

    I think you know. Your dad abandoned you and the guy who said he loved you hurt you in every possible way.
    You are angry because the men who were supposed to love you hurt you.
    You can rise above it though, you don’t need them to live a full life and be happy and achieve your dreams.
    I used to be angry all the time and let me tell you it is the most exhausting emotion and it numbs you on the inside. Let go of it if you can, the relief won’t be instant but will be well worth it.

    • sugabelly

      It is really exhausting. It’s so much better to just not think about it and let everything go but that’s so hard too. I’ve started sorting through some of my issues and trying to let things go and it’s helping bit by bit.

  4. Carol

    I’m a very angry person too. I don’t know why either. I hope you’re able to get to the bottom of it and hopefully change it.

  5. Anonymous

    I think unresolved shit that happens to you can accumulate to a point where any little thing sets you off, whether or not that little thing is related to the original problem. I recently realized that I am very angry and resentful. I’m trying to look at the anger, but not shame myself for it. It didn’t come out of nowhere, after all.

    • sugabelly

      You’re right about unresolved stuff. And it’s like the people who caused it just think it’s not a big deal and you shouldn’t be mad and then that makes you resent them even more and get even angrier.

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