It’s Here!!!! – Apple Volume 1

I ordered Apple Creative Collection Volume 1 from Amazon a while ago. I wasn’t sure if they would deliver to Nigeria or if there would be any issues so I just ordered one book as a test to see what the process was.

Today I was sitting on my bed when the door bell rang twice. I didn’t want to answer it because it’s my period and I’m cramping and totally tired but I was the only one at home so after muttering ‘go away’ twice under my breath I went to get the door and there was the Fedex man!!!!!!

I swear I almost kissed him! I was sooooo excited when I saw him holding a package that said “Amazon” on it!

Apple is an amazing collection / anthology from one of my all time favourite art studios – Udon.

Basically they do a book and they invite all these amazing up and coming artists in Korea to create art for the book. Each artist gets a set number of pages and they create a colour comic with the pages they have.

The art work is simply breathtaking and so inspiring! I hope to be able to draw and paint like this some day. These guys are so good it’s intimidating.

Here it is! Here it is!!!

The package
I ordered it on April 5 and it arrived today on May 8 so ship time is about a month.
Ugh, so amazing!
This is my favourite story in here.
It’s called Mom’s Wallet and it’s about a boy who wants to steal his mother’s wallet for money and has to deal with an angel and demon that appear out of nowhere and try to influence him.
It’s beautifully drawn, the colours are rich and the artwork is sick.

Apple Creative Collection Volume 1.
It costs $34.95 but I bought it off Amazon for $23.07
Shipping to Nigeria was about $13 so the whole thing ended up costing me about $37.
It was worth every penny! I’m buying all the rest!!!
You can get it here: Apple Volume 1 on Amazon

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  1. CherryWine

    I am so glad you found your joy again. Thank God for Apple and Amazon….yaaaay. I’ve not been on the blog in a minute so I was catching up on my reading and your posts almost had me slitting my wrists. I’ve been coming back to check for my 10 people…series. I live in Abuja but I’m doing some work out of town for a few months. If you ever want to hang out, meet some people or whatever, you could hit me up when I get back into town. You mentioned Salamander in one of your posts, I love Salamandar. Anyways, enough f my jibber-jabber, hope you feel better and the GERD is under control.

    • sugabelly

      Thank you so much! I’m glad to be feeling happier too. Salamander is beyond awesome, and I’m still working on the series so there’ll be an update soon!

  2. webround

    Hi, quick questions
    1) Did you pay for it using a Nigerian bank issued card or did you use a foreign bank issued card?
    2) Did you have to pay anything extra to the Fedex guy who delivered it? I’ve heard people say they ordered books (not from Amazon) and when the books arrive, customs imposes payment on Fedex or the shipping carrier and so you have to reimburse the shipping company when they deliver the product to your house.

    • Jakes

      On question number 2;
      I dealt with Kalahari a great deal before they (sadly) closed shop in Nigeria. I did not have to pay Fedex any extra dime when they delivered.
      However, i had loads of CDs and books delivered by EMS recently and i was asked to pay a standard fee of 1500 naira for international delivery.

    • sugabelly

      I bought it using my Bank of America Visa Card. I have a Mastercard from GTB but it doesn’t work anywhere outside Nigeria or online so it’s useless.

      I didn’t have to pay anything extra. I just collected it from the delivery man so i guess Amazon handles the customs fees if there are any. Shipping to America is usually free for me because I have Amazon Prime, but it cost me 13 dollars to Nigeria so I guess that must have covered customs.

  3. fony

    nice book. kinda like the robot anthology in japan.
    would be nice to see a Nigerian anthology though.
    btw like your work. keep posting.

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