Guess Who I Ran Into At The Bank

So there I was standing in line at GTB when someone came up to me and said, “excuse me, are you Sugabelly?”

Of course I was thinking ‘oh God, oh God, please don’t let this be happening!’

I just got out of hospital (yes, I was hospitalised again – long story) and i was covered in bandages with cotton wool and plasters all over my arm plus I haven’t showered in two days so I was all stinky. In short I was a hot mess. My hair was all over the place; I had major bed head, ugh!

And so I sort of whisper, yes.

Turns out it was Mizchif!!!!

I almost screamed but I was too drowsy from meds, plus the bank people were already judging me, no need to give them a reason to kick me out.

So Mizchif, it was great seeing you!!! ^_^

I’ll call you later!

Although I wish people would stop running into me only when I look like I just crawled out from beneath a bramble bush.

Yesterday when I looked fab and was smelling nice, nobody noticed me. Today that I look like an ojuju suddenly I have to meet new people.

I suppose this is the universe telling me I have to dress nicely and shower every day.
Oh yeah people, I am really really shy in real life until I get to know you so if you ever run into me and say hi, and it looks like I’m trying to run away from you, don’t take it personally, I’m a very socially awkward person. Jeremy says I’m just a scaredy-cat, but I like to call it shyness.

And since, I’ve already come out with it I might as well confess.

If you’re that guy who chased me down the street from Guaranty Trust Bank ( how come people are always catching me at GTB? I need to stop going there) and asked me if I was Sugabelly and I ran away from you three streets down, I’m really really sorry, I also hadn’t showered that day and I was rushing to scan something, and I just came out in my pajamas and you totally caught me off guard and yes it was me and I’m really sorry for just running away like that. I’m very shy. Sorry.

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  1. Afronuts


    You are definitely getting popular! How on earth did it happen? It couldn’t have just been your blog…Ha! It must have been your video blogs!

    Its amazing how the internet can make you a popular jingo!

    Pele o! What put you in the hospital? Was it an accident?

  2. mizchif

    LOL @ Sugabelly, you know you actually did look like you were trying not to answer. Oh and guess what? I also hadn’t taken a shower. Like really i woke up that morning and there was no running water and i had to rush to the bank, only to get there and have my ATM card “retained” by the machine, so i wasn’t even in the best of moods but i just happened to notice a girl with natural hair only to look closely and see that she looked familiar.

    Was good to see you. I await your call.
    And the secret is not to wear PJs, even if you don’t shower.

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