In Hospital

Woke up this morning with difficulty breathing.

Tried to sit out but almost blacked out. Breathing a bit better now. Have a tube in my arm. Waiting for the doctor to come back with my chest Xray


Still in hospital. Did a number of tests. Turns out I have GERD – Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease.

I have to have an endoscopy procedure tomorrow or next week but I did the Barium swallows and thankfully they were normal.

So this is my second night in hospital. The nurses and doctors here are really nice and people from work came to see me which was really nice, and one of my bosses brought me a birthday cake for my birthday ( which was a last month ) and Oreos!!!

Here’s to getting better and getting healthy.

Thank you so much everyone that emailed me! I’ll reply soon.

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  1. taynement

    Hope you feel better luv. I was diagnosed with GERD also some years back. Thankfully it’s manageable. Feel better!

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