I hate my body

I act like shit don’t faze me

Inside it drives me crazy
My insecurities could 
Eat me alive…. 

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  1. ossy

    dont you think your self pity is getting out of hand ? sit down and work on it sis ..you hate your body then start running less overeating ..cheers

  2. Anonymous

    Ossy, you couldn’t have said it better. This is getting a little old. You’re fat?! Exercise, eat less or do whatever it is people that want to lose weight do.Biko, enough with the self pity ish already. All the best. I’m actually a big fan of yours.

  3. Mimi

    You guy should chill, it isn’t always easy losing weight and being insecure about your body is not about weight cause some nkinny girls hate their bodies too.

  4. Anonymous

    you really should be seeing a therapist because you r problems are not being resolved. love your talent but you need professional help, someone impartial to talk to.

  5. Prism of an immigrant

    Nne, you’ve been posting some deep stuff here. I admire your courage. Most people would rather perform their femininity and pretend that all is well. From all what you’ve been posting, it’s like you’re going through a valley at this point. I wish I could say that everything will be alright, that you will reach a peak and emerge happy and everything will be rosy, but I can’t. You are going to have to WORK for it. We all go through down periods, just don’t stay there.

  6. Lily Johnson

    You are more than your body dear. You are a beautiful and creative young woman. However, if you feel you are overweight, don’t entertain the ‘demons’ that seek to bring you down. Exercise, eat less carbs, eat more fruits and drink a lot of water. And be around people that make you laugh at life’s craziness.

  7. Anonymous

    Hian Sugabelly!!! We all have insecurities. For starters, start walking 10,20,30 minutes in increments daily. If you can swim, once a week 10,20,30 minutes per week. The more you move the better you will feel mentally and physically.Use that time to meditate and channel positive thoughts. Also check your Iron levels and make sure you get good sleep – aided or not.

    I did not touch food, just get that oxygen pumping in your veins first.

    Please explore speaking with a professional there in Naija.

    This is your life, biko, take action.


  8. Emmanuella

    OMG don’t be so tough with yourself every girls have insecurities you think others are better than you but others also think you’re better than them, you need to start learning to love your body or at least have a better relationship with it. I lost weight but I’m still not satisfied with my body but I feel good with myself because I accepted the fact that I’ll never be what I imagine. Be strong…

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