What I Learned From the Language Challenge

The Language Challenge was so much fun! If you haven’t seen the entries, or don’t know what I’m talking about, I advise you check it out ASAP!

Here’s what I learned from Sugabelly’s Language Challenge:

  • Yorubas are killing it in the language department!!

  • Igbos need to start teaching their children the language ASAP or it’s going to disappear eventually (the chances of Yoruba disappearing are practically zero)

  • Hausas are often just as fluent as Yorubas but don’t engage enough online

  • Other Nigerian ethnicities need spaces where they can speak their languages more often
Do you agree?
I think it’s time for another edition of Sugabelly’s Language Challenge.

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  1. BSNC

    I agree with the first statement. Yoruba’s are doing very well in the language department. Most of the ibos i know speak their dialect as well too. Igbo language cannot disappear though. Have you seen 90% of Nigerian home videos lol. My point exactly.

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