The Web Comic is Up!!!

My new web comic Wazobia is up on Jigida Comics (My Nigerian Comics publishing label). Check it out and let me know what you think!

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  1. NakedSha

    Sugabelly, I really hoped your YouWin project would win. oh bummer. I am one of those looking forward to the Nigerian comic series; I hope you gain recognition.

    WaZoBia housing estate is it!!!

    And, biko, don’t keep us in too much suspense.

  2. sugabelly

    @NakedSha – Thanks!! It’s okay. I was hoping to win too so I could do a whole bunch of comics and get them printed as books but since I didn’t win, I decided to do it the way I’d always planned, on the Internet!!!

    Thanks for reading!! I’ll have more pages up soon!! Please tell your friends if they like comics! ^_^

  3. HoneyDame

    I am loving this already!!! It is unlike anything I have ever seen before…..I am so excited for you and I hope and pray with you that this becomes big. The characters are beautiful and the comic is easy to follow, so far….

  4. Princessandthepea

    All the very best with this project. You really deserved to win the Youwin prize, but your inevitable future success will be all the sweeter when you achieve it despite their decision.

  5. Ginger

    Wishing you all the best in your project Sugabelly. I know you’ve got the determination to see it through.
    Meanwhile I was watching this Wazobia themed cartoon yesterday. I was so convinced you were the graphic designer behind it. I had to sit through it waiting for the credits. Then I saw another name 🙁

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