Back from the Doctor

So I had my ECG today and it was kind of weird.

They put these metal suction cup thingies on my boobs and on my arms and legs and at a whole bunch of strategic points and then hooked me up to the machine.

Somehow, seeing the little spikes going up and down was really reassuring because I felt like “Hey that’s my heart!! You’re really there!! Hang in there little buddy, we’re going to get through this together and everything’s going to be okay!”

This is my results sheet:

It’s my Heartbeat!!! =D

This is the Analysis Page.
I don’t know what all this stuff means.
Maybe all of you medical people (Sting!!) can explain?
Anyway, the doctor said my heartbeat is normal and that she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with my heart and that I should lose weight and my bad symptoms will go away. She also said she wants to check my cholesterol because I’m fat.
I’m happy that the ECG is normal, but like someone suggested in the last post I’m going to ask if I can get an EchoCardioGram done as well.

I asked what could be causing my chest pains and heart / breathing issues then since there’s nothing wrong and the doctor said that I might be having really intense panic attacks (apparently they can feel just like a heart attack) and that I need to deal with my anxiety issues (I have moderate chronic anxiety). A friend of mine did recommend I buy weed online, as this could help me manage my anxiety a lot better than I do now. Managing your anxiety is a very personal journey and finding a method of relieving your symptoms is so important. This friend recently told me that using cannabis has had a big impact on her mood and helped her to feel a lot calmer. She lives in a state where it is legal to grow your own supply and so she told me that she recently stocked up on seeds from this sherbet cookies strain. There are so many things you have to think about when growing marijuana, so if you are contemplating growing your own plants, remember to do as much research as possible beforehand.

Even if I don’t personally want to smoke, there are other options available if I did one day choose to go down this route. The component that helps with anxiety and the like is something called CBD, and you can actually get that on its own or in gummies or other edibles. You can Click here to see some examples.

I’m going to try my best to calm down and not worry about stuff so much, but it’s hard sometimes. I mean I’ve been back for a while now and I still haven’t seen my Mom. We’re talking on the phone but that’s about it. She hasn’t come to see me and I don’t really have the means to go see her yet financially. Plus there’s a whole lot of things that I have to sort out as well.

Okay, on the note of trying to be happier and less bogged down, today was our first rain of the year!!!

Look at all the dirty satellite dishes =D
Some cows went past my window. O_o
I had a meeting with Skinny Goat at Rockview
And a little bird flew onto my balcony today and I was able to get some shots of it!
Feeling happier already.

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  1. Dame Sting

    I was already trying to figure out the EKG before i saw u wrote my name. It looks normal as you already know, but if it was abnormal, i wouldn’t have been able to tell u jack, because reading EKG’s are not my forte. I’m supposed to know how cos we did a little bit of that in Physiology last year, but i really don’t.

    I’m glad u r fine sha and your doctor is right that panic attacks can feel like that sometimes. People actually go to the ED thinking they are having heart attacks but it’s only an anxiety attack. Pele.

  2. leggy

    if you can, i think you should try and lose weight, when my friend was fat, she used to get those really extreme pain and one time, she couldn’t breathe at all. it was so scary, so she’s lost a lot of weight since then and now her symptoms have disappeared. pele sha.
    you haven’t seen your mother since you got back? aren’t you guys in that same nigeria? sha sha, hang in there dear. you’ll be fine.

  3. Scarlet

    The ECG looks normal. I would expect it to be anyway. It also shows that d pains u had is not due to a heart attack (as funny as its sounds i have seen people in their 20s have heart attack). Next time you have a panic attack try breathing into a paper bag or box. The main reason for all the symptoms you get is because when you have a panic attack you over-breath so much that it affects the normal balance of things. I won’t bore you with all the technicalities but it really does help.
    Exercise will be good for you not just in loosing weight, but your heart and lungs will be in a better shape and you will cope better. If you’ve never had an echocardiogram i would recommend one if at all possible. It would reassure you that you have no underlying heart problem.

  4. Anonymous

    I had terrible panic attacks for about 2 years whilst i lived in london.
    I actually passed out multiple times; something my doctor called fall-down attacks i was put on oxygen countless times and and given shots to calm me down.
    Please dont let yours get that far.
    I first thought i was actually ill, because i felt ill, but i eventually realised that it was my body doing that to me.
    i used to visit the hospital about every 2 days and sometimes multiple times a day; doctors and nurses started ignoring me and thats what led me to take a look at myself
    Ask yourself just this question.

    do you think your’e alone and there is no one to help with your problems and listen to you or do you fell hopeless about something. (panic attack cause num1 for me. i was all alone in london; with no family, few friends, difficult job and uni schedules and no one i actually trusted.)
    I was also a health freak. I had this phobia with being healthy and not wanting to get ill, so anything unusual i felt i popped into the hospital.

    Make friends, wind down, go crazy once in a while and dont give a damn what people think adn enjoy yourself.
    I am now so happy and look back on those times with laughter sometimes. The problem is that, once you have experienced that, its so easy for it to come back.

    Go out, have fun, trust someone. What did it for me was family. I moved out of london, came back to Ghana and i have my whole family and old friends around me.

  5. EDJ

    Glad you went to see the doc and hopefully they have an answer for you after the EchoCardiogram. If it is just anxiety/panic, maybe try some breathing and relaxation exercises?

    That might help!

  6. 9jaFOODie

    Yeiii!! God is good. Happy to see (Not like I understand the diagram o) that you are okay. You shouldn’t ignore getting a second opinion just to be double sure. Also try a new diet/ exercise program. When all fails, I turn to food, detox and things might help. It is well with you.

  7. dosh

    Good to know you’re ok and hey, a little heartfelt prayer works wonders for my peace of mind. There’s a God out there and He listens!

  8. cee

    Please take it easy and don’t overdo anything. i did my ECG and some other medical tests last year and it felt really weird especially all the poking and for lack of a better word “instruments” involved. I hope you get to see your Mom soon :)!

  9. Anonymous

    Hey. Do you have hypertension, diabetes or hyperlipidemia? Did anyone in your family have heart attacks or strokes? Did you chest pain get worse with walking/activity? Do you have shortness of breath, sweating or palpitations with your chest pain? All these are questions that your doctor should have asked you. That being said, your EKG looks good. It doesn’t look like you have had a heart attack before. The best time to get an EKG is when you’re actually having chest pain. If you have enough risk factors you could do an exercise treadmill stress test, but an echo would also tell your doctor if you have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or an abnormal heart that could be causing your symptoms. I know this is a lot. lol. I’m a doctor btw. 🙂

    -TufaThanNigerianHair on YT

  10. Anonymous

    I know that guy. hes a good guy. keep him close he will make you laugh till your sides hurt. Laughter is the best medicine, as they say. Hope you feel better

    Passing by.

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