Christmas Prezzies… Ha Ha Ha

This is obviously well past Christmas, but I thought I’d do a post anyway.

So, for the longest time, I have resisted the inexorable lure of Apple products. With the sole exception of my iPod, I didn’t own a single other Apple product and the idea of buying a Macbook Pro made me feel ill. (I still think Macs are disgusting but let’s just say I’m a little more open to trying one than I was in the past.)

My aversion to Apple products ended this Christmas when I got an iPad.

To be honest, I wanted to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 because I love Google products and wanted to try Android, but after considering the main activity I’d be using my tablet for (drawing and painting), I decided to go with the iPad 2 because it’s got so many excellent apps for drawing and painting compared to Android.

If I get rich someday (heh heh) I’ll get the Galaxy Tab as well, but for now, I’m very happy with my iPad. I’ve been able to do some pretty nice drawings so far although learning to draw on the iPad is pretty unwieldy.

I’m liking it.
But even more than the iPad, I’m even more excited about my Bamboo Stylus which I just got last week.
It’s made by Wacom (the same dudes that produce my Intuos4 drawing tablet and the legendary Cintiq ^_^ )
I bought it specifically to draw so I’m very very excited.

Isn’t it lovely?
The thing is a work of art.
Oh look!!
I managed to draw an Emeka already! ^_^  Heh heh!

Heh heh, if anyone has an iPad let me know so I can add you on iMessages! ^_^

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  1. Anonymous

    such pretty hands.
    I could not care less for the Ipad,all i kept looking at were the hands that held the gadget.Natural,fresh and pretty
    Well done!!


  2. Dapo

    Nice!!! As I scrolled thru the iPad unboxing photos I thought to myself “I give her 2 days, she’d run out to buy a stylus (I know I would)”. Only for me to scroll down and whadoyaknow? You got one! I really envy the gear. I’m guessing that app is Adobe Ideas.
    Well. Keep drawing cool shit.

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