Christmas Prezzies… Ha Ha Ha

This is obviously well past Christmas, but I thought I’d do a post anyway.

So, for the longest time, I have resisted the inexorable lure of Apple products. With the sole exception of my iPod, I didn’t own a single other Apple product and the idea of buying a Macbook Pro made me feel ill. (I still think Macs are disgusting but let’s just say I’m a little more open to trying one than I was in the past.)

My aversion to Apple products ended this Christmas when I got an iPad.

To be honest, I wanted to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 because I love Google products and wanted to try Android, but after considering the main activity I’d be using my tablet for (drawing and painting), I decided to go with the iPad 2 because it’s got so many excellent apps for drawing and painting compared to Android.

If I get rich someday (heh heh) I’ll get the Galaxy Tab as well, but for now, I’m very happy with my iPad. While I know everyone dreams of being rich, a friend was telling me about how online gambling can turn a good profit and they have had some success with it. Gambling isn’t really my thing though. I’ll stick with my drawing and hope to become a famous artist someday soon! I’ve been able to do some pretty nice drawings so far although learning to draw on the iPad is pretty unwieldy. It looks like I may have to enroll in some sort of Apple training course in order to get a hang of it.

I’m liking it.
But even more than the iPad, I’m even more excited about my Bamboo Stylus which I just got last week.
It’s made by Wacom (the same dudes that produce my Intuos4 drawing tablet and the legendary Cintiq ^_^ )
I bought it specifically to draw so I’m very very excited.

Isn’t it lovely?
The thing is a work of art.
Oh look!!
I managed to draw an Emeka already! ^_^ Heh heh!

Heh heh, if anyone has an iPad let me know so I can add you on iMessages! ^_^

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  1. Anonymous

    such pretty hands.
    I could not care less for the Ipad,all i kept looking at were the hands that held the gadget.Natural,fresh and pretty
    Well done!!


  2. Dapo

    Nice!!! As I scrolled thru the iPad unboxing photos I thought to myself “I give her 2 days, she’d run out to buy a stylus (I know I would)”. Only for me to scroll down and whadoyaknow? You got one! I really envy the gear. I’m guessing that app is Adobe Ideas.
    Well. Keep drawing cool shit.

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