Wazobia :: Work in Progress

It’s Igbo from WaZoBia!!
I’m still working on the WaZoBia web comic. For something so short, each page takes a lot of hard work! Just the first page took me a whole day to draw. It’s pretty tiring but this is what I’ve dreamed of doing so I’m not too bothered.
Here’s a video of me inking some of the panels below:


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  1. miss.fab

    Great video! You’re a really good artist. Did you come up with the storyline before you started drawing the comics? (Sorry if you’ve answered that already). Just curious since the drawings look rather… permanent. Like what happens if you change your mind about a scene midway?

    • sugabelly

      I came up with the story line beforehand. I try to change my mind when it’s still in pencils and I can still erase but if I’ve already inked, I just adjust it once I’ve scanned it into my computer.

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