My Hair ….

It’s grown!

O gugo.

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  1. Mau

    it looks good, mine grows but shrinks like crazy since I am too lazy to comb or braid it, so all my course mates now wait for me latest hairstyle and hardly believe that my hairstyle varies because I just wash my hair without combing it, lol, one of the pleasures of natural hair.Cant wait till i go back to Nigeria and people start asking me if i am in deeper life.

  2. La Reine (whoiamisme)

    Texture, texture, texture! ( I was sing songing that…just so you know.)

    Pictures like these make me miss my afro. But I’ve committed to my locs; even if I refuse to retwist sometimes, just to get the fuller afro-y effect. 😀

  3. sugabelly

    @Mau: My hair shrinks like crazy too. And Nigerians are so annoying with their comments about hair.

    @Ade Moss’s Son: What does it mean though?

    @Lv-II: It’s not white powder o! The flash of the camera just reflected too strongly on my foundation

    @Miss Fab: Maybe you need to change something in your regimen and your hair will start responding again

    @Teknicoleur girl: I don’t comb my hair very often. I comb it maybe once every two weeks or even once a month.

    @Anonymous: I’ve been natural since for five years but I cut all my hair off after the first two years so this is growth of three years.

    @La Reine: I tried locs once, it didn’t stick.

    @MPB: Haha, I will

    @everyone: Thank you so much!! ^_^

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