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Suo Beke by sugabelly

(Sorry there’s some repetition. I don’t know what went wrong with the soundcloud player)

Ndi Yanki na kpam amu.

Otue fa na asi madu suo beke na olu, i ga che na a we soso ofu asusu na obodo fa. Nonia, madu si obodo rinne ju Yanki ka aja, mana ndi ocha na su Beke akpachia anya maka fa choro itinye uche na ndi ozo na su asusu ozo.

Ewero asusu obuna ka ocheche Yanki kwe ga bu asusu obodo, mana iweta ka ndi a si a koyeli na Beke bu asusu ocheche obodo fa, na ndi ozo ga sulili ya, na fa choro isuo, ka fa si na Yankee puo, i ga eche na o we ebe fa de na i suro Beke na Yankee, a ga tunye gi na nga.

O di mkpa na ndi na su Beke na Yanki wota na oburo soso fanwa bi obodo a ebi. Na Naijeriya madu na su asusu iche iche rinne ju mana anyi na asopulu asusu onye obuna maka anyi amago na inyocha madu na asusu ya ajoka.


Americans make me laugh.

The way they insist that people speak only English (especially at work ) you’d think English is the only language of America. Meanwhile, people from a lot of different countries live in America but white Americans who speak only English ignore this because they don’t care about people who speak other languages.

America has no official language but you should hear them harping on about how English is America’s official language, and other people must speak it, and if they don’t want to then they should leave America, etc You’d think it was written somewhere that if you don’t speak English in America, you’ll be put in jail. Although English is not the only language to be spoken around the world, it is one that is commenly spoken everywhere you go. So if you want to brush up on your English, there is a good article that can help you do just that.

It’s important for English speakers in America to understand that they’re not the only ones who live in the country. In Nigeria, there are lots of people who speak all sorts of different languages, but we respect each person’s language because we have come to understand how wrong it is to separate a person from their language.

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  1. Adede

    Abi oooooo. Like seriously, America was not inhabited till Indians came along followed by Europeans. No one really “owns” it and therefore there is no official language!
    P.s. I’m jealous of you Ibo!

  2. afrosays

    Back. To. Sender!

    I hate translations. I always wish I could understand a language directly when it’s being spoken because the originality it conveys can never be communicated in the translation.

    That was refreshing.

  3. Anonymous

    Not sure what you are basing this on, or how much experience with Americans you have, but America is a very big country and many parts of it are very different in this respect.

    I live in Los Angeles, and it is very multicultural, with many, many non-english speakers here. At the supermarket I go to, the cashier makes a judgement on the person going through the line whether to speak english or spanish to them, and will switch back and forth. In other parts of town there are nothing but Korean signs & billboards. (also see this article on the Korean neighborhood: ). In a different part of LA, there are 300000 Armenian people, who all speak in Armenian.

    The attitude you are describing may be common in small towns in the US, or in certain parts of the country, but spend time in any big city and you will hear all sorts of different languages spoken.

  4. sugabelly

    @Anonymous – Well perhaps to you this is not a problem but I have personally witnessed many white Americans doing this to non-White Americans who speak other languages for even a few seconds.

    I have also personally experienced dirty looks and complaints from Americans when speaking Igbo.

    Even if this is not a problem in Los Angeles, it is a huge problem for many spanish speaking immigrants from Mexico and Latin America in other parts of America and this kind of discrimination is quite widespread.

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