Men First???

We had some guests over from work, two men and a lady. And of course we brought out drinks to serve the guests. About to pour a drink for the lady, suddenly, one of the men shouted “Madam, men first!!!!”.

He then went on to say ” I know women only drink Fanta so give me the Coke.” Completely ignoring what the lady who was offered her pick of the drinks might choose. What if she wanted the Coke?????

To say my jaw almost hit the floor is the understatement of the century. They were not my guests and it was not my house so I said absolutely nothing.

My respect for this man sitting across from me speedily zoomed to about minus fifty million percent.

Please tell me I’m not alone in wanting to slap this boor upside his head. Men first? Since when does having a penis give you the right to RUDELY override the host’s chosen order of serving guests and commandeer the refreshments being offered?

What the fuck is wrong with Nigerians? Seriously, Nigerian men can you tell us because I’m sure many of us are burning with curiosity. Is there some sort of secret night meeting that Nigerian men all over the country attend where they are given mind altering drugs that fill them with humongous delusions of entitlement?

Gosh, I still can’t get over my disgust.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

Men first….. wow.  Just fucking wow. O_O

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  1. Adura Ojo (Naijalines)

    I can just imagine your face when the drama unfolded. LOL. I want to believe he was joking! But then there’s a reason why erect penises are banned on mainstream media and pu**y isn’t. It’s called the power of the penis. We must all bow…apparently.

    A younger (fiestier) me might have poured the coke all over him. Shey he wants coke ni? I’d let him have it!

  2. LaPenseuse

    “Is there some sort of secret night meeting that Nigerian men all over the country attend where they are given mind altering drugs that fill them with humongous delusions of entitlement?”

    ROFLMAO!!! Perhaps he was joking/ being sarcastic about saying “ladies first”??? Or perhaps he is a just a douchebag…

  3. sugabelly

    @The Law: Because women don’t go around DEMANDING that they be served first.

    And that whole ladies first thing is even patronising sometimes. The issue here is that this man was being clearly sexist by trying to override his hostess’s decision about how to serve her own guests by demanding that she serve HIM first.

    It’s beyond entitled and it’s so fucking rude.

  4. Aykay

    For some strange reason I just imagined shaking the coke (bottle/can) vigorously and “accidentally” opening it in his face. I understand the ladies first/men first point, however like you said in this particular situation the man was being a douche

  5. LucidLilith

    Reminds me of my childhood. And people wonder why I have daddy issues … lol.

    Sugabelly, abeg just forget that. AT least you did not grow up in my house where my little brother was allowed to have a pick of the best cut of meat before me. And they wonder why only my mothers and sister get presents. Shio.

  6. Ginger

    Shuo! Thank God I wasn’t there. My usual mode is to pretend I didn’t hear the man then go ahead and do my host’s bidding…nonsense and ingredient.

    Coca cola Coy would sure love to hear that their drink is branded for men only..smh

  7. King of Bongo

    Did this really happen…,or are you just entertaining us? I mean, the man’s comment was simply rude. What planet is he from? smh.

  8. Fatima

    So not surprised. Even in uk have you seen how we are addressed in a gathering of males. They acknowledge them first before you

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