Dear God…

May all the children and relatives of every senator, House of Rep member, Minister, Governor, and Local Government Chairman that voted for or supported this bill be gay.
In Jesus’ name we pray

Maybe when their own children are gay they will understand that gay people are just as human as you or me.

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  1. Rhapsody B.

    Ain’t that the truth though. I have found saddly that most are not able to access EMPATHY unless it impacts their core. Many talk about love, acceptance, tolerance when does not require them to act. Bring it all home to roost and the shit hits the fan. Then you get to see who and what they really are.

    Good point, peace…

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for posting this. I hope more Nigerians understand that it is not a choice, just like one doesn’t choose to be heterosexual, one just is gay or heterosexual.

  3. Ladi

    We need to start a movement for human rights. Look at the lady who was molested, stripped and groped for supposedly stealing a bb. I am sick to my stomach that those idiot guys will not get justice. I just saw the pic on my facebook homepage I am so disgusted.

    I believe Senate should focus on those who are actually harming people eg. Senators that marry 13year olds, rapists, and horny fucktards.

    There is no bill protecting women but they had time and energy to focus on gay marriage?

  4. miss.fab

    In my honest opinion, if having sex before marriage or sleeping with married people are not crimes punishable by law, then homosexuality shouldn’t be. I am a big advocate of all or nothing – no middle ground. Otherwise, who gets to determine what an acceptable middle ground is? The Senate? On what grounds? Personal beliefs? Oh please. What if a new Senate were appointed and the majority of its members were of the “faith” that it should be a crime to marry someone uglier than you? What then becomes of all the ugly children of Nigeria?

  5. Anonymous

    sugabelly: it’s funny how you preach tolerance, but you’re extremely intolerant of people who do not see things your way.

    You might be cool with homosexuality(and you have a right to be) but understand that not everyone’s down with that. In the same way some people are ok with polygamy, but it’s a crime punishable by law in the west.

    I find the law very hypocritical myself but you praying for their kids to be gay in Jesus’ name is just plain silly. Homosexuality is a sin in the bible in both the new and old testament so i highly doubt your prayer has any weight.

    The gay community and its supporters have become the very things they criticise others for: bullies.

    You want to make everyone think and see things like you do. You act the victims and attack people who have a problem with homosexuality. You accuse of them of hate and intolerance yet you turn around and exude hate and venom towards people who do not share your values.

    Stop being a hypocrite. remove the log in your eyes and start being tolerant towards people who do not agree with homosexuality. Afterall, polygamy, an african and middle eastern tradition is considered a crime in western countries.

    If you like dont this up but let it be food for thought for you

    World citizen

  6. jkkseeks

    Dear World Citizen,

    Don’t forget that God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. God is God and can use anyone or any situation He chooses… He can even use your child’s homosexuality to test you, teach you what love is, and grow your faith.

  7. Anonymous

    Sweetheart it’s wise to read the bible with the discernment of the Holy spirit so we dont end up accusing God of things that (according to the bible) are unGodly.

    Homosexuality, if we are to believe the bible, is a sin. God hates sin and he will not cause your child to be homosexual just to ”teach you what love is”.

    Homosexuality, like adultery,lying fornication, rape, incest, pedephilia, any other sin is a choice. God is not a wicked God that he would cause someone to be something or do something that would ultimately caught them off completely from His presence.

    Disclaimer: I am not perfect and i do not go around claiming to be.God knows I’m still a work in progress. However one sin does not justify another and it would be sheer foolishness for me to go around justifying my sin and/or attacking people who do not agree with my sins.

    world citizen

  8. Anonymous

    This is why the west wants to legalise homosexuality so they can come and rape african boys with impunity. a lot of these nigerian homosexuals todays were molested

  9. jkkseeks

    Dear Anonymous World Citizen,

    Darling I agree it is wise to read the Bible with discernment, but even wiser to know what the fruit of the Spirit and the scriptural definition of Love are so you can make sure you are walking the talk.
    I’m not trying to start a “back & forth” with you because the first Scripture you pull out goes to what God hates while the first Scripture I always reach for is “God is Love”. (same God, opposing viewpoints, what else is new?) With that said, I do stand by my statement about God using foolish things to confound the wise.

  10. Seekthetruth

    Anon World citizen,

    Thank you, for that comment. It’s rather interesting for sugabelly to use Jesus name in vain especially for the same things HE already spoke against in the Bible. But, I will take it as being silly or ignorant.

    People have different morals, values and opinions. I live in a world where secularism is being pushed from different corner. We want to live a life without being God conscious, but with secularism comes morals, and with morals always go back to something bigger than us human beings. So, to take God out of everything, come up with our own moral code or standards, so we can be more secular is impossible.

    There are people who believe in certain things and there are some who don’t. But, for the world to make it seem like the person who still holding on to a certain belief, whether God conscious or cultural whatever it is, is the villan lets me know everyday that the truth is the truth. There’s a truth that everyone lives by consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously. But, some are dead to their conscience but DO NOT impose your opinion or belief on me. Live whatever way you want to live, and let me live my life but if you attack me for not agreeing with something against my belief, then I will respond back. Do I expect the world to do the right thing? No, because we live in a fallen world that is in need of God’s grace.

  11. LucidLilith

    No, mba, otio. I don’t want their children to be gay. I want each congress person to be caught in a gay compromising situation with photos circulated around the internet. That’ll learn ’em.

  12. sugabelly

    It’s amazing how people are so blind to the suffering of others until it starts to affect them personally or someone they love.

    Persecuting people for their sexuality (that is not affecting you o!) is just wickedness.

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