I Can Haz Employment?

Woohoo!!! N wetago olu!!!!!!!!!

Ekene dili Chukwu! I got a new job!!!!

After graduating in May and four months of unemployment and serious nail biting, I finally have my first grown up job.

No more subsisting on one eternal bag of lentils!! And best of all, I can finally pay Suliph the $120 I owe her … once I get paid that is.  ^_^

*N wetago olu = I have (now) got a job
** Ekene dili Chukwu  = Greetings (as in praise) be to Chukwu ( The Igbo supreme God – colloquially used by Igbo Christians to refer to the Christian God Yahweh )

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  1. Afronuts


    Welcome to the employment world…now some tips…

    make sure you don’t join cliques

    Stick to work rules, don’t kiss ass

    Make sure you give thanksgiving in church! (so God can bless you to get promotion in future quicker)

    Its ur time. You go girl!!

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