New Site Design and Colour Blog Awards

I was bored with the look of my blog so I made a new background for myself featuring most of the Emekas.

See if you can figure out which ones I left out.

As a reminder, if you won an award in the Nigerian Blog Awards and you’d like to have it in colour, let me know what award you won and the name of your blog so I can start converting your award to colour.

Here’s to a good week for everyone. ^_^

Oh, and I drew a pink baby elephant:

Update: So I decided against the background in the end.

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  1. soul

    servint is now investigating NaijaVideosOnline..

    Somehow NaijaVideos got my details and sent me this email:



    We are a UK based company run by Nigerians, we have over 30 top sites around the world at the moment which means we have dealt with cases like this at some point before.
    You have tried to do the right thing by going about it the wrong way. We have been contacted by our hosting company, we cannot say whether we are right or wrong at this point, but your comments about victimization are absurd, unnecessary and extreme.
    Based on humane grounds, we shall take appropriate decisions to ensure that things are doing right.

    Naija Online Videos
    I have now forwarded it to their host and will also be making enquiries with UK contacts to see if they have breached any UK laws.

  2. Fake Soul

    Soul We are talking about a lovely elephant here fool…find somewhere else to discuss your jobless shit. Lovely elephant by the way. xx

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