Feeling Uninspired

I can’t think of anything to draw. I just keep drawing the same stupid heads and faces. I’m also scared to draw more challenging stuff like hands and backgrounds.

I am such a coward.

And I am so lazy. I don’t want to do any of my practice exercises either.

Please somebody, tell me what to draw?

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  1. igbomarriage

    Some thing fluid and liquid (it’s hot in London right now). Maybe a ‘stream’ scene: People swimming, women bathing behind enclosures, boys trying out bravado dives, people washing clothes…
    That always reminds me of secondary school when we ran out of water and had to go into the village. And they involve hands but since they are in motion, you could get over your phobia a little at a time.

  2. NiteLite

    Damn, girl, you are so hard on yourself! Even if you feel lazy right now, at least you’re talented 🙂 When I have a “writing block” I usually go to the library, pick a random book off the shelf and read three pages. It could be about kitchen-repair and I usually have a flash of genius and start writing again. Maybe you need to go for a walk and just look around? Inspiration might crash down on you if you take a quick break on your art and look around you. I know that you wanted specific things to draw, but maybe this will help..but anyways, good luck!

  3. mizchif

    That is me giving you a big kiss for removing that truncated posts mede-mede that was such a bother. Daalu.

    You’re a very talented young woman, cut yourself some slack. Heads, faces, bodies, inanimate objects, anything, but draw.

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