Don’t Be Afraid to Be Anti-Heterosexual

This post is in response to Kitkat’s original post titled “Don’t be Scared to be Anti-Gay” which I strongly suspect she wrote in response to Adura Ojo’s post on Naijalines. It is also in accompaniment to Sting’s Post and Prism of an Immigrant’s Post, and I suggest that you read all three before reading mine.

KitKat’s post was ignorant and offensive without a doubt, but the real gold comes from the comments. Right now, a portion of the Nigerian blogosphere is arguing back and forth over homosexuality and the centre of it all is the post that KitKat wrote in which she claims that homosexuality is a sin and she feels pressured to accept homosexuality while in America because of fear of being stigmatised as a bigot by the general pro-gay atmosphere here.

While this is a valid concern and I do in fact believe that Kitkat’s experience is very true and that there must be some anti-gay individuals who feel compelled to hold their tongues for fear of being called out, there is something that stands out to me in all of this that I simply must know.

Assuming that homosexuality is a sin;

Why is it, that OF ALL the possible sins that your classmates or school mates could have been committing at any given moment (such as lying, stealing, fornication, fraud, adultery, etc), homosexuality is the only one that you feel the crushing need to jump up and speak out against? For instance, why would watching a video from an online adult entertainment site such as twinkpornvideos be classed as worse than bullying someone for said action?

Because it’s not as if you walked into class and announced “Please anybody who has committed sin today by lying or stealing kindly stay back ten feet from me.” yet you ignore all other sins and home in on homosexuality as if the others are somehow less sinful.

Why is it, that OF ALL the possible sins that the average Nigerian could be committing at any given moment on a random Nigerian street, homosexuality is the only one that other Nigerians feel the need to leave whatever they are doing and expend their precious energy to condemn and persecute?

It’s not as if Nigerians are not committing other equally sinful sins that might even be worse because unlike homosexuality (which only concerns the individual and perhaps whoever their partner is), they affect other innocent people ( e.g. STEALING – all the BILLIONS of Naira that various Nigerians in power and in government offices have STOLEN from the Nigerian populace that has detrimentally affected the ENTIRE NATION by reducing the quality of our education, denying Nigerians access to uninterrupted electricity, safe roads, clean water, and a host of other things that we should as a society have by all rights but might never because of the sin of THEFT)

So please tell me why.

Because I KNOW that you do NOT write blog posts about how you saw a Man and a Woman kissing one day and you are concerned and distressed that they are committing fornication. I KNOW that you do NOT write blog posts about how a Man has been watching online pornography involving women, yet you are concerned if a Man prefers to look at big dicks instead.

I KNOW that the average Nigerian blogger DOES NOT write blog posts speculating about what activities men and women or boys and girls walking on the street might be doing with each other behind closed doors, yet all these Nigerian bloggers and Nigerian commentors are coming out of the woodwork to deliver their judgment on homosexuals as if they’ve done nothing all their lives but sit on a mountain top praying and fasting for fate of the world.

It is very clear that if homosexuality is indeed a sin, it is certainly receiving special attention that is not accorded to other sins.

Dear Bloggers and Blog-Readers of Nigeria, if you did not know before, this is called DISCRIMINATION.

If you don’t feel the pressing need to speak out against people who ask for dubs during exams or people who borrow five dollars and never pay it back (THEFT) or people who ask their smart friend to do their homework for them (FRAUD) or your friend and her boyfriend (FORNICATION) or your daddy and his second wife and two mistresses (ADULTERY) or your friend who is saving two thousand dollars for a Louis Vuitton bag (AVARICE) when she could have used that money to help the poor, then I do not see why you are suddenly feeling an irresistible desire to express your condemnation of homosexuals.

I really need to know why all of you who are jumping up and down because suddenly you have remembered that homosexuality is a sin always develop amnesia when you see men and women kissing.

The long and short of it is, homosexuality is an EASY target. Because homosexuals are in the minority, and the majority of heterosexuals will never experience homosexual attraction, it offers a unique opportunity to sit on a pedestal and point a finger of judgment and condemnation but never have one pointed back at you because well … unlike other sins (lying, cheating, etc)…. you haven’t done it. If you are completely heterosexual, homosexuality is something that you have never done and so there is no fear that your own shortcomings might be held up to you when you pull out your cloak of self-righteousness.

Just as Right Handers are in the majority and once persecuted the Left Handed minority of humans because they would never experience Left Handedness, so too are holier-than-thou heterosexuals happy to persecute homosexuals because they know that it is the ONE thing where they can be absolutely sure that they will never be in that situation and have to suffer the persecution they so easily dole out.

In case you didn’t see it:
Pretending as if gay people all over the world don’t face very real threats to their LIVES, health, and safety

As for some of the commenters, particularly a certain Anonymous (it is ALWAYS the Anonymouses isn’t it?) who asked incredulously ” How are homosexuals persecuted?” I am begging you O Anonymous! If you would like to find out in just what ways homosexuals are persecuted, kindly go to any street in Nigeria and say very loudly “I am Gay”.

If you are still alive after five minutes has elapsed, I’ll take you out to dinner. Promise. I might even treat you to some adult entertainment courtesy of fucked gay afterward.

So without further ado, let us discuss the demerits of Heterosexuals since they are so full of themselves and their sexuality.

Don’t be afraid to be Anti-Heterosexual.

Heterosexuals are the greatest pests known to the Planet Earth.

They are responsible for overpopulation of the planet, and as a result, global warming and climate change.

You remember earthquake in Virginia that damaged the Washington monument?

Caused by Heterosexuals.

The Earthquake that caused the Tsunami that ravaged Japan this year?

It’s all Heterosexuals’ fault.

China’s One Child per Family Rule?

Completely the fault of Heterosexuals. If there were more Homosexuals in China, the people of China could be leading happier lives surrounded by more cute smiling children.

Mass unemployment in Nigeria?

It’s all the fault of Heterosexuals. They produce too many children.

Contagious diseases are also aggravated by Heterosexuals – If there weren’t so many people in so little space it wouldn’t be so easy to spread disease from one person to another.

Speaking of disease…. Heterosexuals are responsible for the spread of almost all sexually transmitted diseases known to men. Sure, homosexual men are more vulnerable to certain diseases, but the vast majority of all STD transmissions occur from Heterosexual encounters. They may subsequently be required to undergo rapid hiv test to ensure that they are not infected with an STD.

Heterosexuals are also responsible for producing children who later grow up to be world-renowned individuals of the widespread reputation such as Abacha, Babangida, Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, and many other pleasant people. Every single dictator, mass murderer, terrorist, and so on, is DIRECTLY as a result of a couple of heterosexuals somewhere.

Of course, we could argue that every single good person is also as a result of Heterosexuals, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re still responsible for all the bad. At least, no gay person has the murky distinction of producing a fine and upstanding child named Idi Amin.

So, my friends, don’t be afraid to be Anti-Heterosexual! Because Heterosexuals are ruining the planet.

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  1. lovelife4sale

    SugaBelly…..OMG, all i can say is i love your post, you are definately a well versed person, you seem like you have a tremendous ability to critically think, and also think outside the box.
    its Refreshing to see someone in the nigerian blogosphere community who has such an interesting way of thinking.

    you just gained a follower.

  2. Madame Sting

    LOL…very tongue in cheek. iLike. Also, very well thought out and well written, but unfortunately, i don’t think you will be able to change people’s minds about this issue. I’ve given up trying to do that because a lot of their arguments are buried deep within religion and you know how Nigerians and religion are. There’s a whole of lot hypocrisy going on, but i guess that’s part of being human.

  3. Mbabazi

    I say Kit kats post was one on her experiences and opinion on the matter , one she is free to have just like you do in this post. As long as one is not condoning violence towards anyone, gay or not i say we are all entitled to our beliefs and attitudes. I hate fries and you dont, why should either fight to change the other.

  4. Dammie

    Obviously this is a very controversial issue But I think Kit-kat is allowed to have her own take on the issue as you do. Saying its ok to be anti-gay though( her title) was obviously not thought out well.

    I think homoexuality is wrong. yes based on biblical principles. n of course so is lying, fornication etc. there is no sugar coating it.

    I don’t know anyone who walks around telling everyone I’m a liar. And while I know fornicators who are proudly fornicators I don’t approve of it either. The only problem is homosexuality has always been hidden. hence why we have this whole culture of people coming out. And for a lot of gay people its a lifestyle not just the act, but the way they talk, the way they dress and thats why its easier for them to be treated differently. Trust me if i saw a girl walking around in slutty clothes is a fornicator loud n clear and she will cause pple to react to her based on that image. (Remember that people still argue that rape is permsible if the girl is dressed seducively- i dont support it but im just pointing out that the argument exists)

    As for the people themselves as some other people have said, I would never treat them as any less of a human being. The west have accepted fornication and it sisters and it is already accepting homosexuality. In england we have gay bishops! However Africa is another case. It has never been as progressive as the west. Uganda is an example of an extremist country and God knows it needs intervention. Remember women are still being circumcised in Africa and brides returned for not being virgins. You cant get riled up about anti gay-ness in America…alot of the designers of the clothes we love are gay and they marry publicly, they’re in our favourite tv shows etc The west loves gay people. So admitting that you dont believe in homosexuality makes you the minority there.

    The solution is not to make people belive homoexuality is right..thats not possible. The solution is to show that they are human beings too and deserve to make their own choices. But the african gay community would also need to not be so openly gay. In Nigeria I dont see young boys n girls kissing openly on the road..You just don’t do it because you are mindful of the society you live in.

    I ddnt mean to write my own blog post in ur comment section x_x but i cldnt help it

  5. Maria

    Yes, thank you Sugabelly. The two stupidest reasons I hear ppl use to condemn homosexuality is that “It’s not Christian” and “It’s not African”.

    You’ve covered it well – there are many thing ppl do that are not “Christian” or “African” but nobody gets up in arms about it. Eg. your hotshot career as as a female doctor/lawyer/investment banker is not Christian and not African since you well know that as a Christian African woman you should be at home baking bread and popping out babies.

    The Christian/African reasons are poor excuses that hide the truth – most ppl are too lazy to using their heads to think about the issues and instead just parrot what they have been brought up hearing.

  6. Iwalewa (Beauty is in the character)

    You know what? Good for you Sugabelly… I can see that you picked out the “a sin is a sin” comment and decided to write about it.. you could’ve made it more clearer by also putting my comment on here smh… it seems like you guys want to use this as your opportunity to tell us how much of a hypocrite some of us are as christians… if you want to act like people don’t discriminate against gay people more than they would against someone that’s a liar, a thief or even a fornicator then fine with me… Am I saying its right? NO but its the truth (and that is what my a sin is a sin statement is about)

  7. sugabelly


    Oh my God, please for goodness’ sake. IF I had seen or was referring to your comment I would have PUT YOUR COMMENT HERE TOO.

    This is NOT THE FIRST TIME I am writing a blog post about a comment someone made and I ALWAYS make a screen cap of the comment I am referring to and put it in the post along with who said it.

    I think that because Sting wrote a post about your comment you are now going on modes and everybody who writes a post about this “must be talking about you”.

    Again, I am NOT referring to you and I am NOT talking about you.

    You are not the only blogger or commentor who gave unnatural attention to homosexuality over other sins. I specifically wrote this post because I have noticed for a VERY LONG TIME that Nigerians in general act as if homosexuality is a special class of sin all its own.

    Also, if this post was directed to anybody in particular, it would be KitKat not you.

    If it was about you or your comment, a screen cap of your comment would be right up there along with the screen cap of the Anonymous’s comment that I posted.

  8. leggy

    i love this post.
    also i think you forgot to point out the fact that just like homosexuality is not african, neither is christianity. people seem to ignore this fact. christianity is not african, the white man gave us christianity.
    everyone is entitled to their own opinions? so does that racist man on your street who hates black people, so does that airport official that called nigerians disgusting, so does hitler, so does idi amin.
    there was a time when slavery was justified by the bible, many racist still use the bible to justify slavery. many white supremacists are staunch catholics.
    again, you do realise that just have hate in your heart towards homosexuals is a sin and is a direct misrepresentation of the God who preached love more than anything when his son was on earth?
    and how are they discriminated against?
    girl, google is your friend. no really, it is. do you know how many deaths in a month that is caused due to sexual preference related issues?
    i read that post and was surprised by the comments, i don’t know why the ignorance of some nigerians still surprise me. maybe cos i know too many educated smart nigerians and only meet such trolls online.

  9. lati

    oh sharrap leggy on Christianity not being African… Tell me u’re not glad to be a Christian *side eye/ eye roll* but then again, its ur opinion 😛

    anyways… i think Kitkat and other “anti-gay” folks (anti-gay not anti-humanbeings) are entitled to their own opinion. It may seem like we take sins like “lying” for granted, but the truth is, everyone knows its bad to lie, you just don’t go around pointing out every single lie. Homosexuality though, is a more recent and seemingly grievous issue because it involves people and sexual relations.

    In MY opinion, It is “unnatural” to be homosexual to be honest, why do u think a man cant get a man pregnant or a woman, another?

    I’m not going to hate or discriminate against gay “people” , I hate the “homosexuality”. (God says hate evil, not hate people. People will always change, lets just hope its only for the better)

    I shall stick to the story of Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Then again, to each his own.

  10. Sugarcoated

    ‘Why is it, that OF ALL the possible sins that your classmates or school mates could have been committing at any given moment (such as lying, stealing, fornication, fraud, adultery, etc), homosexuality is the only one that you feel the crushing need to jump up and speak out against?’

    firstly, how many people come to the front of the class and read essays on how they are thieves and adulterers then get pats on the back. how many ‘propositions’ have you seen on how to legalize fraud. you gay-rights people just keep making unnecessary comparisons. Its same as comparing being gay with being black…arggh

    why is it also that people can shout from their roof tops ‘Im anti -stealing, im anti-lying, im anti-adultery’ Why is it that people can openly say to their children ‘the stealing-feeling is a bad feeling, so when you feel like stealing dont steal’

    but when it comes to homosexuality, people can either support the act or keep quiet. I dont get why the kitkat post is a big deal. I think most gay supporters here just deliberately misunderstood the post just to get an opportunity to show how ‘smart’ and ‘educated’ they are. no one talked of lynching anyone. its a matter of what would you teach your children tomorrow, what do you believe, what side would you take if you were in the national assembly tomorrow and a gay-marriage bill came on your table. Everyone must not say yes

    Leggy makes it sound like someone can only be anti-gay as a result of ignorance. Seriously, i think she would support any thing Americans brought up. Man to monkey marriage, woman to dog, anything that would make you seem educated and smart in the eyes of your educated and smart friends.

    i would still keep saying it, if some people could have been born gay, so was i born anti-gay, and so were others born racists. we all just cant help ourselves. you don’t have to discriminate against us. Tom grew up to realise he was born gay, Dick grew up to realise he was born unable to support gay rights, and Hilter grew up unable to stand the sight of Jews. Lets all just blame it on nature. let no one take a stand against anything

  11. It'sJodie-Ann,Bro.

    But seriously though, this post is amazing. I saw your comment on KitKat’s blog and just HAD to follow you because your comment was genius. It is EXACTLY what I was thinking.
    It was very firm but educated. 🙂
    You’re awesome. I followed you.

  12. leggy

    lol…@i would support anything americans bring up. ha ha ha ha. such ignorance in making such veiled comments about someone you have never met is quite enlightening and says a lot about you.

  13. Adura Ojo (Naijalines)

    Now this is how to make an intelligent argument – with facts, not crutches. I do applaud you Sugabelly, for your standing up to the ignorance and hatred that is paraded as the right to air views in blogville. It’s time homophobic Nigerian bloggers realise that their incitement of hatred and intolerance would be challenged in this blogging community. I will not personalise any arguments in making my stance but my stance will be clear. Homophobia has no place in civil society. It must die a death we would all be proud of in the cause of humanity.

  14. culturesoup

    I haven’t visited here in a while but i had to note my agreement with you on this post. Lucky for me, i missed out on the heat of all this but i think those of you who responded to the initial post were right to do so.

    Discrimination is ugly to watch. Something people keep missing when claiming the right to their opinion is that words have consequences. Especially when you’re dealing with a minority group of people that is targeted and bullied. People don’t get beaten or fired or attacked just for being straight but these things happen to gay people. So whether you have a problem with homosexuality or not (which is entirely your choice), i don’t think it is right to go around saying such awful things even on the internet. It encourages an atmosphere of hate.

    A lot of comments have referenced their religious beliefs and culture to explain why they are anti-gay. On that, i’d just say that culture changes. And religion depends on interpretation. So there is a lot of debate and discussion within Christianity about how to respond to homosexuality. It might surprise some but you will find many Christians that don’t agree with all this anti-gay stuff. I found an interesting conversation which people might want to look at :

    Last thing (i promise), is that we need a lot more empathy when relating to people who are different from us. I have no idea what it’s like to be gay and the more i realized that, the more i started to understand that it is less important to go on about my opinion than it is to just listen and try to see life from another person’s point of view.

  15. Anonymous

    Yup, blame the heterosexuals.. They’re the real reason Sugarbelly was even born in the first place. Hmmm, wonder what they were thinking.

  16. Anonymous

    Good observation anonymous! How were they born in the first place?

    If it was GOD that created them so, then there ought to had been 2 ADAMS or just 2 EVES! he created man and woman for procreation! Even animals that we consider to have low intelligence don’t mate with the same sex!

    You don’t believe in the Bible? But you and your cohorts would be the first to call the name of god in the days of trouble asking for mercy!

    It is all a grand plan by lucifer and his agents to pollute mankind! What a perfect plan to create bitterness,grudge and hatred amongst humans.

    does that mean i don’t play, eat or talk or make friends with gays? I DO! they are first flesh and blood like me, but tell them the truth;it’s wrong! there is nothing natural about it!

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