Where in the world is Sugabelly?

I am currently staying with Suliph because I have nowhere to live. I also still don’t have a job so I think I’m down to my last hundred dollars.

Suffice to say this was not the future that I suffered through four years of university for. Hopefully, I will get a job soon and you won’t be hearing about how they found me in the river on the nine o’clock news.

Suliph doesn’t have internet so I have to trudge with my laptop to the local library every day in order to use the internet and conveniently it happens to be located on top a nearby mountain.

Let’s just say things are a bit rough right now.

Currently, I’m sleeping on my two towels which I’ve spread on the floor and waking up with more aches and pains than I knew I had places in my body and I’m using one of Suliph’s rolled up bedsheets as a pillow. My things are spilling out of two suitcases in the corner of the living room which I packed hurriedly three days ago before hopping on a train in the middle of the night to get here.

I’m hoping to save up for a blanket by the time winter hits and so I’m opening commissions because I’m broke.

All commissions for now have to be digital because given the state of this library, hoping they have a scanner is definitely asking for too much.

All of you people who want banners and stuff to give your blog a new look, I’m taking requests.

See the commission page Here.

Contact me about your commission Here.

Thanks!!! I totally appreciate it and I’ll do my best. ^_^

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  1. Natural Nigerian

    It is a phase that will soon end.

    I have slept on the floor too. It is not something I hide as it helped to shape me. A lot of my new friends will find it hard to believe seeing as I can sometimes look like butter can’t melt in my mouth (lol).

    All the best!

  2. igbomarriage

    Sugabelly, I’d really like a banner (first for one blog and then maybe the other) but your commissions page is hardly welcoming. It sounds like you draw on your whim – as opposed to it being a ‘job’ – and there is a chance you might refund my money if it’s not finished? BOOOHOOOHOOO! But I don’t want my money refunded, I’d like one of your fabulous banners, please! (Oh, you might want to review the info on commissions page).
    Please could you take a look at http://igbomarriage.wordpress.com and let me know what you think might do? Send me an email next time you trudge up the mountain at nuce.e19@gmail.com and we can discuss. Also there are no examples of drawings like you rightly pointed out on your comms page so all that info is unfamiliar to me.
    Good luck with it all, it’s just temporary. You’ll be fine.

  3. sugabelly

    Thanks everyone. I hope I will be okay but the floor is very hard.

    @igbomarriage: Please use the contact form on the Contact Me page to message me about your commission. As per the commission you have to have a specific idea of what you want me to draw. I generally don’t come up with commission ideas because it’s a waste if there’s a chance the person might not like the finished product (also I only know my own preferences, not another person’s).

    I build on the basic commission request and that’s how I decide what to draw finally.

    Take Pwetty Bambi’s commission for example. She said she wanted a Fulani girl and so I decided to draw a Fulani girl holding a calabash full of makeup because Pwetty Bambi writes a beauty blog.

    You can find examples of commissions I have done by clicking the commissions or art/drawings tag/label.

  4. journeytoprint

    I feel for you mehn! I am graduating this year by God’s grace and boy the rejections have been far from rosy 🙁

    You will get there, like others have already said you are super talented!

    Nogo xx

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