There was a bomb this morning

At the United Nations office in Abuja.

I am really upset. It was another suicide bombing. A man drove a car loaded with explosives into the basement of the UN building and detonated it there.

Several people are already dead.

I am so fed up with the people trying to destroy our country. It was probably Boko Haram, or one of their equally stupid followers or associates.

If you don’t like Nigeria, for fuck’s sake, move into the Sahara desert or go somewhere else. Nobody is begging you to stay and ruin everything for everyone else.

UPDATE: It seems the National Hospital has run out of blood so if you’re in Abuja, please consider heading over there and donating.

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  1. Rhapsody B.

    It seems this kind of craziness is contagious, all around the world people are just doing a lot of mess. I guess stupidity is contagious.

    Blessings, keep your head up.

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