Selfish Parents

I just realised that lucky or not, fortunate or not, or however it may be, I was blessed with two extremely selfish parents.

Even better, one of them is a child.

I keep telling myself over and over again.

I should know better by now than to trust my mother.

Oh yeah, I now have internet. Hip hip hurray…I suppose.

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  1. MSA

    Sugabelly my mother is a child too and my father has been MIA since I was born. I cant stand them both.I keep trying to tell close friends about her childish behavior but I come across an ungrateful daughter. She has taken care of you all this while……Yeah right….WHEN? Sorry dear. the good news is we become more independent by the day and your dependence on them lessens.

  2. Anonymous

    @ Aseni
    That’s actually good advice.
    Yes you can love without trusting, esp when it has to do with blood relationships. Be strong as always.

    – Adura

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