The 10 People You Meet in Nigeria – Part 1

Who are the people in your neighbourhood? If you live in Nigeria, you probably run into all sorts of characters on a daily basis. Of course, where you live and what your social status is influence the type of crowd you run with, but regardless of where you’ve been and who you are, if you live or are in Nigeria, sooner or later, you will run into all of the following people.

1. The Alhaji (alhajius alhajius)

General Characteristics: Usually Hausa, Fulani, or Yoruba, instantly recognisable because of the massive voluminous sleeves of his agbada or baban riga, The Alhaji commands attention in any kind of gathering and is impossible to ignore. He will most likely be rich or powerful or both and if not surrounded by a retinue of servants or followers, they are probably within shouting distance or can be summoned at will. Will probably be fat (especially if Yoruba) but skinny Alhajis exist too.

The Yoruba version (Alhajius Yorubarius) is likely to have the leopard whiskers facial scarification that run as four horizontal lines across both cheeks. Always eager to spread their love and money around, Alhajis tend to have several wives.

Natural Habitat:  Anywhere large concentrations of Hausa or Yoruba people are found but most especially Lagos and other Yoruba states, Kano and other Hausa states, and Abuja, which is a neutral location but has more of the Hausa variety.

Notable Habits:  The Alhaji is given to uncontrollable bouts of compulsive sleeve gathering.

Related to: The Faded Glory Monarch, The Cash Madam, and The Aristo.

Natural Enemies: The Aje Butter Pastor

In Real Life:

Alhaji Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (Alhajius Hausa OR Nupe – It’s in dispute what he is.)
Alhaji Razak Okoya (Alhajius Yorubarius)
Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu (Alhajius Hausarius)
Multiple instances of The Alhaji in the wild.

To Be Continued…….

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  1. ladi

    hey dear, IBB is not fulani. He’s from Niger state and his origins are actually in yoruba land (Badamosi is his middle name). But yea, Northerners take that blue-blood ish serious so therefore IBB is NOT fulani. Nupe will be more appropriate.

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