My Language Challenge Entry

Here’s the entry for my Language Challenge. I’m speaking Igbo and the transcript is provided underneath. ^_^

Please note: I use “mbwa/mgba” (match – as in contest – ) here to represent “Challenge” and “aba” (hook used to join two things) to represent “links” (as in URLs, web links, etc since links join one point on the Internet to another).

Language Challenge 2 by sugabelly


Hi …. It’s Sugabelly… This is my post. I want to thank all the people who’ve said they’ll participate in my Language Challenge.

Everyone please do your best because it will be really great for us all to hear all the various Nigerian languages on Blogville.

I’m really happy because we’ve already got a few entries in three languages: Sting did hers in Pidgin, Aseni did hers in Yoruba, and IphyIgboGurl did hers in Igbo.

Meanwhile, I’ve put links on the Language Challenge page so you can see who’s already done theirs.

I hope that people on Blogville will do more posts in their languages so that we can learn.

Is there anything else? Is there anything else I can…. anything else I want to say? No.

Alright! I’m done! ^_^

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  1. iphyigbogurl

    Wow! Love it! You sounded like it was flowing very well! I learnt some words I didn’t know about like “meanwhile” and “contest”. oh..and “hope” as well..
    usually I would “Igbofy” those English words.

  2. TufaThanNigerianHair

    NICE!! I was talking with my mom and I think after I start working I want to sponsor an Igbo speaking contest in Lagos for high school students. The prizes would be monetary and there would be a first, second, and third place winner. I figure that this will encourage more youths to speak the language even if they’re away from Ala Igbo. Keep up the good work.

    Igbo Kwenu
    Nigeria Kwenu
    Africa Kwenuuuoooo!

  3. Ginger

    Nice one Sugabelly. Clear and 100% Igbo wording. You try.
    Hmm, definitely Anambra. but you used uku instead of ukwu towards the end. Isn’t that Delta Ibo?

  4. sugabelly

    @Ginger: Thanks. I didn’t say uku. I said mekwu (do more). The “uku/ukwu” that you heard was me saying the “Kwu” suffix (added to a verb to mean doing more of whatever the verb is) really fast. ^_^

    • sugabelly

      Nope, you’re not too late to send in an entry. Follow the guidelines, do an audio post or a video post. For audio posts, SoundCloud is recommended because it’s really easy and you can re-record if you make a mistake.

      When you’re done, upload it in a blog post and leave me a comment with a link to the post and I’ll add it here on the official list. ^_^

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