Verastic Radio: Team Natural, Team Relaxed

I was on Vera Ezimora’s online radio show this morning talking about natural hair and it was so much fun!!!

If you missed the show you can listen to it at this link or on the radio player on the side of this blog.

How did I do? What are your thoughts? I didn’t think we had enough time to talk about everything but I think what we explored was pretty good.

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  1. Prism of an immigrant

    I was impressed. I’m glad you finally got a platform to vocalize your thoughts. When people read your writing, they put a voice to it, and sadly, people seem to ascribe a belligerent voice to you because of how opinionated you are. I’m glad we now all know that Sugarbelly doesn’t bit. Neither is she coming after us with an AK-47 if we say something wrong about Igbo or Nigerian culture 😀

  2. Anonymous

    I think you did great!! The Team Relaxed girl only had one retort to every natural hair comment… “But it’s my own hair”… that made me laugh so hard whenever she said that. Anyway I think you made some really good points.

    We need to know how to take care of our own natural hair instead of using methods best suited for other textures of hair. Only when we truly master this can the issue of choice and “It’s my own hair” be valid arguments.

    I also liked how you droped some major knowledge on the caller that wanted to argue that the style of hair is purely individual. A well made point cannot be argued with!

    You repped team natural well, with well thought out comments and without ignoring other viewpoints. Well done!

  3. Gbemisoke

    I listened in and I must admit I was surprised at how different you sounded from the picture of you in my mind, which was not a very nice one.
    While I still do not agree with some of your ideas, learning about the “overarching social structure” (for the first time) gave me a total paradigm shift. Now I’m thinking about how my choices affect others…
    I’m learning that there’s so much I don’t know, it’s only wise to be open to different perspectives.
    I’m still not going natural though ;o)

  4. sochi

    I’ve been natural for 7 years! loved it, hated it, and everything in between. it’s long (12 inches), coily, tangly, versatile, time-consuming, and spontaneous. I’m texturizing it next week. Nothing lost; I need a change. And besides, now that I have a family, my 2 kids cannot wait for 4 hours while I put in two-strand twists before they are fed or bathe. Frankly, texturized hair is easier to manipulate, less painful, and I’ll be able to whip up quick styles. At that time, no one will be able to accuse me of negligent childcare or abuse.

    I don’t attach any sense of self-love/hate to my decision on how I style my hair. Hair embellishing, be it flat-ironing, twists, relaxed or in an afro-puff – are an extension of my style. Just like nail polish, I change it up often. There is no shame here, neither is this acquiescing to white power.

    However, more power to you that you feel so strongly about this hairy topic. But I’m sure if you devoted this much time to your weight-loss journey, perhaps at the gym or making yourself a green smoothie, you wouldn’t have to do so many hunger strikes or devote yourself to flogging this dead horse of #teamnatural vs. relaxed.

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