Sims and Copics

A little bird told me
that Copics are awesome
The bird is saying “Pio! Pio!” (written in Igbo using the Ndebe script)

I will change my nail polish ….. soon.

I finally drew something…. again
Totally off point but I was on the Sims 3 forum the other day, and there’s a really large thread there asking why the Sims community almost never makes black sims or Asian sims. 
Of course, it quickly derailed into every body making excuses about how they just don’t know how to make black sims and changing the topic or making pointless irritating statements like “why are you making this about race?” or “sims have no race” (Of course they do. The whole premise of the Sims is to imitate human life).
Anyway, the whole thing just sickened and really frustrated me. 
I feel frustrated every time I visit the Sims website because it’s pretty obvious that EA and Maxis don’t care about their black (or in my case Nigerian) simmers. 
Every time a new Sims comes out, we literally have to beg and plead, and protest, and boycott, and write letters, and open nyash for EA before they give the option to make sims with natural African hair or add any hairstyles that are typical of black hair.
They added a new option where you can adjust the breast size of your sims but of course there is no option to adjust the butt size of your sims.
You see, the size of one’s backside is not something that is culturally valued by white Americans and unfortunately they make up the vast majority of the people creating the Sims.
The Sims markets itself to people all over the world and simmers are from every country on Earth but it continues to be pretty clear that only what white Americans like, value, and are interested in will only ever make its way into the sims or be created by the Sims community of users because once again, they make up the majority of sims modders who create custom stuff. 
Okay, my rant is over. I just wanted to say that even in the Sims I feel marginalised. 
I don’t think I could ever get used to this feeling but it’s the general atmosphere here. 
There is such a vast difference between living in Nigeria a country where you are valued as a human being and judged as one not by the colour of your skin and here where all anybody ever sees is your skin and that pervades absolutely all interactions that you have … even with a video game.
I am sick of the excuses that the Sims makers and sims modders in the Sims community continue to make for almost never making black sims. 
I just wanted everyone to know that Nigerian Sims are beautiful and other black Sims are beautiful too and you should stop making so many fucking excuses and just fucking make them. Why is it that you can make ten white sims with such intricate detail but you can’t just take the time to make a single black sim. 
This is Nime Ite
 (yes I know. Her name is a pun in Igbo. Nime = Inside. Ite = Pot)
She’s a sim I made yesterday after reading the sims thread.
EA has refused to give us natural hair in spite of numerous requests and protests so I had to use straight hair.

And this is her boyfriend
Kainene Okasieme 
(I know, another pun. Kainene = Let’s watch and see  Okasieme = How it’s done)

Dear people who play Sims:
Making black sims is easy.
You just don’t want to.

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  1. Tega

    I agree with you on the SIMS issue…

    Your Sims are beautiful btw…You are so blessed creatively. I’d play them in a heartbeat

  2. MaidofHeart

    Wow! You made these? They’re lovely. Playing the sim is fun.

    I agree about the marginalizing based on race. Like you rightly pointed out, it’s more obvious abroad than back home in Nigeria. But racism is a long drawn out issue that has no easy solution.

    All the best.

  3. ego

    I will suggest that the time has come for black people to stop folding their arms and waiting for white people to recognise them. These people most likely don’t have you in mind when they create these stuff. Why are we always waiting for them, why can we not create our own? why? This is why they’ll always treat us the way they do. Why are we begging? will it hurt if we invent something by ourselves. What if they are racist and don’t wish to create black sims? should they be forced to? I rest my case.

  4. Anya Posh

    LOL…the black Sims boyfriend looks like an extremely tanned asian guy – probably japanese!

    I like your Sim with the long flowing locks. very pretty mami wata hair.

  5. Efuru

    This why my game is modded to to core! If you do not mind custom content, you can find mod sliders for increased bum etc. (if you can’t find that on modthesims, try one of the more adult sites), I’ve found several natural looking hairdos floating about the web (most conversions from the Sims 2), try searching using the term ‘ethnic’ (*sigh*), the creator Nouk has had several of her hairstyles converted. The sims community is full of WASP-y 12s that ask questions like ‘Why are black people, like so angry?’ so don’t expect any help there.

    Also if you got their latest expansion pack (Late Night) so would have seen the braided atrocity they included, apparently for your ‘trailer park’ sims so maybe we shouldn’t look to them for help.

    Btw, Maxis doesn’t exist anymore. They were absorbed into EA a while back and all they are concerned with is profit, hence the rapidly churned out SPs and EPs (some fans cynically refer to them as EAxis of Evil).
    Just realised that I sound like a proper IKT, sorry!

  6. sugabelly

    @Tega: Thanks. I really wanted to make pretty Black sims. I uploaded the girl and the guy to the Sims exchange so you can download them if you like.

    @Obi Talker: The most amazing game in the world. You get to play God and control a bunch of humans you make and kill them in horrible ways if you want to. Heh heh

    @ego: I agree, but then it’s a whole other discussion about the discrimination that prevents black people from being in positions where they can even create games like this in the first place.

    @Efuru: Could you please tell me what mods you use? i.e. links please? Thanks.

  7. The Frocker

    Nime is SUCH a cute Sim! I wish I had her in my game. Funnily enough, I started forcing myself to make Sims of other ethnicities because I always played with black people, and I didn’t think that was fair/diverse-alicious.

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