Stylish and Versatile and Commissions! Yay! ^_^

A while ago I received the Stylish and Versatile Blogger Award from a number of bloggers: Prism of an Immigrant, NaijaLines, and a number of other people that I have not forgotten.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erm so it appears that for the meme I have to say seven things about myself (that I suppose you previously did not know) and then nominate some more bloggers.
Okay, here goes:
1.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! I don’t know what to write without revealing my deepest, darkest secrets that I haven’t already revealed!  =(
Okay, seriously now. Here goes:
1. I hate sleeping because I feel like something interesting might be happening while I’m asleep.
2. I hate people who sleep in the day time. People who like siestas, naps, etc. I HATE THEM!!! 
3. I’m horribly afraid of drawing hands. I often alter drawings so that I won’t have to draw the hands. If you look at a lot of my drawings, you won’t see any hands. I only draw them when I absolutely have to. Curiously enough I can draw hands perfectly well, I’m just afraid of drawing them.
4. If my hands are full, I carry everything on my head. I always carry the laundry on my head to the laundry room because I find it awkward carrying it in my hands. Needless to say this is a source of endless fascination for the other people that live in my dorm.
5. My favourite foods are Digestive, Shortbread, Malt, Smirnoff Ice (in pineapple), Beans and Gari, and Jimmanu. (Boiled white yam and palm oil). …. yes, I know. I am also highly partial to sticky Japanese rice, Gyoza (Japanese fried pork dumplings ) and Yaki Udon (thick Japanese noodles). I cannot live without Asakusa Rusks (this is entirely Japanese Boy’s fault).
6. When I eat Beans and Gari, I mix the Gari with water, sugar, milk, and kuli-kuli or groundnuts (or chin-chin for that matter), and then I pour the beans into it. It looks disgusting but it tastes like heaven.
7. When something really great happens, a little voice in my head yells in glee:  VICTOLEEE!!!
Bloggers that I nominate for being stylish and versatile are: (and don’t take it personally if I don’t nominate you – I can only type so much on an empty stomach)
Eccentric Yoruba
Pwetty Bambi
Nice Anon
Naija Foodie
Overwhelmed Naija Babe
Waffarian (who I think stopped blogging  =(
and everyone who reads or comments on this post.
Erm… I will do the linkage later. Too lazy right now.
Oooh!! And so a bunch of people were asking me about commissions so I’m going to add a commissions page to the blog with a price list ^_^  (inner Okoro jumps for joy!)
Update: The Commissions Page is up!!!

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  1. El-Divine

    hehe..sounds like ur a full ibo girl from the depths of Okololand. Lmao beans n garri combo.. uber gross!! my sister did it too when we were kids. i called her gross too.

  2. Tega

    That your beans and GMS+ mixture is ewwwk…but warreva floats your boat babe

    I feel you on that yam and palmoil…carrying things on your head…OMDzzz i can just imagine the looks…lol

    Good luck with the commissions…keep your head up!

  3. Retromus-ik

    lol I must say I’ve never heard of such a combination. I eat garri and beans, but I sprinkle the dry garri unto the beans and I don’t add sugar or milk…Different strokes for different folk:P

  4. Ginger

    Hope you carry things on your head the proper Ibo way with your hands akimbo..teeheehee

    Yay for Beans and Gari lovers… That is one food I can get up with a craving for at 10pm and start cooking. Though not in that nasty mix of Each to their own.

  5. Waffarian

    See this babe oh! Who told you I stopped blogging ehn?(could it just be that you have not reached my side recently? lol) I did not even leave for a second! lol.

    Happy New Year. Good to see you are still here, doing your thing!

  6. sugabelly

    @Retromus: What???? You HAVE to try it! It’s amazing.

    @9jaFoodie: Correct person.

    @Ginger: Looool!!! I do sometimes. People stare so much it’s hilarious. Kitikpa lacha pu gi for insulting my beans and gari.

    @Waffarian: Sorry Aunty! (kneels down and begs). I will land on your blog ASAP.

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